strap shortening

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  1. Dear Ladies,
    i need your advise!
    i got a Christine bag and everything is perfect except i feel the stap is too long.
    they can't tell me at hermes if it is possible to shorten the strap or not!
    today i asked a first-class shoemaker who would do it for me...
    would you let to do there or wait?
    if i do a strap-shortening somewhere else Hermes still going to recondition the bag for me???
  2. Hmmm personally I will only bring my H bags back to H stores for refurbishing or servicing.

    I know for a fact that many boutiques will not repair or service your bag if you had brought it to an outside leather repair vendor because the "integrity of the bag would have been compromised". Why don't you wait for your H store to get back to you first and then decide on your options?

    I have a feeling they won't though.
  3. Thanks MP,
    they said it takes 2 weeks to get the answer from paris....i should wait...although i am also afraid they dont do it....
  4. I don't see why they wouldn't do it. They can shorten dog leashes and regular belts and watch straps. I'd speak to a manager before I gave up.
  5. Thanks Gazoo,
    i talked to the manager -although it is my new store,i bought only a few items but they saw my collection:smile:-and she said from her side is no problem to shorten but sometimes H just doesnt do because every bag has a story around!anyway they promised to answer me until mid-dec then i will see....
  6. Let's hope for the best then.
  7. Good news ladies!
    Hermes can do shorten the strap on my bag and it may be ready before xmas!!!!!
    Thanks for everyone for your comments!!!!