Strap shortening and glue marks

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  1. Posted this in the care and maintenance but there's not much traffic there so am reposting...

    Can anyone who has had a bag strap shortened post a pic of what the join looks like? I have to get my strap for my drop bucket shortened and there's no way other than cutting it to do so.

    Peace, if you read this I tried to PM you because I know you had yours done but your inbox is full...

    Also, anyone have any advice on how to remove old glue (not fresh) from leather? TIA!
  2. old glue on the surface of the leather? I would just leave it as is.
  3. Nope, want to try to remove it, as the leather is very light-coloured. And I'm adventurous :lol:
  4. I would just cover it, old glue on leather...:weird:
  5. I'm going to find a way, will keep you posted!
  6. I'm going to investigate too!:smile:
  7. I would agree that I would leave it 'as is', especially given that it's a light colored bag. You would have to use something super-duper gentle, and even then .. :?:

    Given that I've been with the brand since Day 1, I have never attempted to get rid of excess glue as I heard horror stories about others who tried in the past.
  8. Thanks for the advice, we shall see once the bag arrives!
  9. Hi Much, here you go. Mine was cut equally at the centre. If you see carefully, the cut was not "straight" at each side, but with a gradient, so that it can be sewn back nicely & smoothly. Hope you get what i mean.

    Oh.... on a side note. Keep the cut portion of the strap, it may become useful 1 day. Well, the leather is good. I use the cut portion to make a "stopper" for my Chanel Bucket bag. ;)

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  10. Wow, whoever did that was thinking...I've been worried that I'd end up with a thick seam right at top of my shoulder. Hmmm, will take this pic with me, thanks!
  11. You are most welcome!

    I was really impressed with the result too. It's good to know that he was really thinking of how to minimize the "alteration look" as much as possible ;)

    Good luck with yours !

  12. I have a great alteration/designer/fantastic person so I'll show her and see if she feels up to the challenge...thanks peace!
  13. My pleasure to be able to share.

    Please share yours when done. Hope it's even better, so i can improve mine when needed ;)

  14. :hugs:
  15. i would love to do this on my town bags... but i'm worried that perhaps reselling the bag would be an issue down the line if i wanted to. has anyone encountered that?
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