Strap Question

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  1. Just wanted to know for those who bought an Eva strap for your Favorite- what did you do with the leather strap it came with? I feel like it's such a waste sitting in the box. I tried it with my Pochette and it actually works, but the vachetta is so new that it doesn't match. Would Fashionphile or Yoogi's take it? Just curious to know what you did with your strap.? Thanks in advance for sharing! 😊
  2. I have it in my closet as a back up, but I honestly never use it. The Eva strap is so useful, I use it with the favorite and my pochette on occasion.
  3. I don't know if either FF or YC will buy a strap alone, you can always ask, but I'm willing to bet that you could sell it online at sites such as eBay...if people are willing to buy a LV shopping bag or box then it's reasonable to assume they'll be after a strap as well.
  4. I really wish there was a spot on here where people could sell the items they don't want. Keep it closed to TPF users as we're all passionate so that all of us that don't know the brand well enough to tell authentic from a super fake could feel confident in their purchases. I'd definitely try selling it on ebay or kijiji 😊

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  5. It works great for pochette nm! The pochette has that little tab that adds length.