Strap of a large Sabrina

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  1. Hello, not sure does anyone has the same problem as I do? I have a large Sabrina, but I am short. When I use my Sabrina as a shoulder bag, it looks like a travel bag for me. However, the strap isn't long enough for me as a cross body bag. I heard that we can get something to extend the length of the strap, but I don't know where to get that? If you were me, would u transform your Sabrina into a crossbody bag? Does any of you actually do that?
  2. how short are you? i'm 5'4 and it goes across me fine, it doesn't hit low, but its not up in my chest either lol

    it hits right on my natural waist, i have it more towards the back instead of the side..if that makes sense.

    if not, trigger snap keyfobs are used by some tpfers, you can also swap the strap out for another one ;) like peggy's thread suggest, depending on the color of the sabrina, and whether you have more bags.. to interchange..
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    I'm just 5', so I'm shorter than you. I tried to wear it as a crossbody, it was above my waist and not comfy! I have a Julianne, and the length of the strap is perfect for me. Unfortunately, the colour of my Julianne doesn't match my Sabrina. I like hand free when I go shopping, I'm hoping to use my Sabrina more often if I can use it as a crossbody bag!

    Can someone post a modelling picture of using a large Sabrina as a crossbody bag? Extended or just the same strap. That would be helpful! It may not be true but I always think that my strap is a bit shorter than a regular one.
  4. Thanks for sharing! I like the ideas but I don't have another strap that matches other bags. I bought bags in different colours. Maybe I should buy bags in one colour, so I can interchange the straps!
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    here are is a pic of my 2 gold snap trigger fobs


    here they are hooked to my sabrina ( one on each side of strap)


    both of these images were in the link i shared earlier

    so you wont need a different strap , just extend the one you have

    there are different colors available , in the coach stores , outlets , ebay

    i prefer the gold it seems to go well with all my straps and bags (just for reference, I am 5'9)

    hope it all works out for you
    have a great day