Strap lengths

  1. Did I see in a post here somewhere that Coach is going to start making bags with longer straps???
    If so I may hold out (yea Right) until the new lines are out I can't stand those super short straps, and there are so many bags I want that have them.:sad: I'm sorry but I do not want my bag right under my arm pit!!! I'm 5'9" in case anyone was wondering.

    P.S We are getting back more tax$ than we thought and I have ants in my Coach pants!!!
  2. They already have. The book totes fit nice and snug around my shoulder and in the past they had to be held as handbags.
  3. yeah, slowly but surely, they're adding in longer straps. that was my big reason for returning my punch tote- it was just too snug.

    the sa said that they get a LOT of people with that complaint- and they've lost a few sales because of it.
  4. I am probably in the minority, but I like the shorter shoulder straps. The strap length on the Legacy Shoulder Zip is just perfect for me and the drop is around 7.5".
  5. i think it's the totes that are the bigger issue. (i love the length of my shoulder bag).

    some of us have a little more to our bodies than the extra length would be appreciated!
  6. ^Yes, the totes definitely need longer straps!! I have a Signature Gallery Tote, which I think is supposed to be a shoulder bag, and I can't get that on my shoulder with a coat on.
  7. ^oh yeah, i was having issues with the gallery totes.

    you would think they'd make longer straps for stuff coming out in the winter, since we have to wear coats...grrr.
  8. Thankfully when I tried on the gallery tote in the store the day I bought my Soho Lg Satchel, it fit over my shoulder. I know what people are talking about with the short handles though, it sucks.
  9. the gallery totes are great! and adjustable to threee lenghts!