strap length on Mulberry bayswater?

  1. Can someone tell me the strap drop or strap length of the mulberry bayswater? Thanks!!
    (reason I ask is that I can adjust my tabitha quinny and if I get on with a strap length the same as the baywater then that will be the next bag on my shopping list!!)
  2. Hello again i have just measured the handle drop on my pink Bayswater and it is 8 inches
  3. Thanks - so just to clarify, is that the line measured from the 'top' of the handles directly downward to the body of the bag?
  4. From the highest point of the shoulder strap to the top of the bag is 6 inches the additional 2 inches is allowing for where the handles are attached to the bag. When i wear the Bayswater on my shoulder it fits great with at least 1 inch gap between my arm pit LOL and the top of the bag... hope this helps :smile:
  5. Hi, thanks for the info! Can you fit the bayswater over a coat?
  6. Only a fine wear one (mac etc) thick like wool and the Bayswater does not sit on my shoulder correctly... My advice would be to go and try the Bayswater on your shoulder and in hand and see how you feel with it :yes:
  7. MulberryLove: How many Mulberrys do you own? I only have a black Rosemary, and it is too small. I mean, it is fine -- but we've all gotten used to carrying such big handbags. It is really a perfect "ladies who lunch" size bag. It is bigger than it actually looks. I'd like to sell it though and get something bigger.
  8. I have a python Roaxanne, an oak Blenheim, two Aylers, 1 pink Bayswater, 1 red Bayswater , 1 oak Bayswater and a few older styles so 11 to date if you are serious about selling the Rosemary PM me i can't resist Mulberry :smile:
  9. I'm impressed MulberryLove! Your name is quite apt! I'll be in London this summer, and am hoping to pick up something on sale. Tell us when you use Bayswater vs. Roxanne? What are the pros and cons of each bag?
  10. Both are roomy and easy to carry or wear on your shoulder . I have 3 Bayswaters 1 is oak Darwin leather this marks easily and scratches but in my opinion it makes the bag look better:yes: the other 2 Bayswaters are glove leather (1 red and 1 pink) so these do not mark or scratch as easily (i'm going to get 2 more this week (possibly vanilla and chocolate i'm not decided yet :roflmfao: ) With the Roxanne as it is python skin it is delicate but i only use it for special occasions so it is fine and i never put it on the floor it stays firmly on my lap:yes: I would say to you to try both bags on yourself so you can see which suits you the most . I also find with the Bayswater (2 of mine do not have the padlock and simply fasten with the postmans lock ) but the oak has the padlock and i am not brave enough to leave it open incase i lose the lock , so it can be a pain getting in and out of it having to undo the lock all the time.
  11. Do you feel the Roxanne is a "young"er look? It is very edgy and cool looking. I'm middle aged and I don't know... It seems less formal than the Bayswater. What do you think? You are the pro! I'm impressed with how many you have! I love the edginess of the Roxanne, and I love the classiness of the Bayswater...
  12. Also, do you switch among your Bayswaters for different outfits? Is that why you have so many? I'm not "there" yet -- having the same bag in a variety of colors. Is this what awaits me?