Strap length confusion....

  1. I've been admiring byMimis emerald first in her photos-wearing-your-balenciagas thread, liking the idea of the longer shoulder strap & loving the messenger style.

    Not until I received my pewter first from Sweetsparkle & could compare my bags, did I realize that the one I had was indeed the older style with longer strap. It just never occured to me to try it on messenger style before. So I thought I'd post some pics comparing the two, in case someone else was as confused by this as I was...
    CompareStrap.JPG Messenger.JPG Shoulder.JPG
  2. Wow Vicky, you look great! Thanks for sharing the info about strap length and demonstrating with pics. That pewter bag is stunning on you!
  3. the bags look great on u regardless!
  4. Is that brown suede? :nuts: It looks great on you - I wish the straps were still that long. I love messenger bags.
  5. Looks adorable!
  6. Ooh! Looks great on you! Yeah, the much older bags (2002) generally had longer straps.
  7. I forgot, when did they stop making longer straps? Was it around the time they switched the hardware to brass?

    BTW vicky, LOVE your brown suede and your pewter first!!! They look great on you!!
  8. Love your brown suede and your pewter first! They both look great on you!!
  9. YES! Your brown suede DOES have the longer strap!!!!! I'm so glad you realized this!!! YAY!!!! :smile:

    They stopped making the longer straps S/S '03, my emerald is S/S '03 - and it has the longer strap.. my red is F/W '03 and it has the shorter strap :smile:
  10. Vicky, the suede looks FABULOUS on you, I couldn't be happier!!
  11. The bags look great on you, but as an aside, if you EVER decide to part with you Pewter First can you PLEASE tell me? I was too slow to buy the bag you have when it was originally on ebay, sweetsparkle beat me to to it, then when she sold hers, I had already paid for someone elses pewter first but then they backed out! :sad2: Sweetsparkle had already sold hers at that point. I'm sure you love your bag but thought I would ask just in case you EVER decide to sell.

  12. I wish they still made longer straps. I like to be able to root around my bag when it's on my shoulder.
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments!

    And SpecialK, I will keep you in mind, should I ever decide to part with the pewter...