Strap length: boy woc vs. classic woc

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  1. Hi ladies, I recently noticed that my boy woc strap is a bit longer than my classic woc's. Has anyone else noticed the same?



  2. D'oh, nevermind. Just noticed the strap was caught on the zipper which made it shorter. =__=
  3. Lovely woc's! Do you mind doing a comparison between the size of the 2? Is the boy woc any taller, wider, deeper than the classic quilted one or they are pretty much the same?
  4. That would have been an issue for shorties like me, oinkerz089...the WOC strap is already the longest I would like it to be! Glad this was a false alarm. Btw, I love your blue WOC duo...both of them are beautiful...lucky you!!! :biggrin:

  5. Yup, sure. I think they're the exact same size.



  6. Congrats! Both of them are so beautiful!
  7. DOH!!! haha.... made me crack up! I would asked the same questioned except my autocorrect would have corrected one of the words into something totally not even remotely close to what I was talking about!!!!:lol::roflmfao:

  8. Love both of your Woc's. Thinking about purchasing my first but undecided on whether to go the classic quilted or boy woc! Which one do you find you use more, or does it just depend on the type of look you're going for?
  9. I love both!! I don't think I'd be able to choose :Push:. The classic has a back pouch which is useful, but the boy just feels more special. Sorry that wasn't helpful at all :P.

  10. Thanks for your response I think I'll be ending up with both eventually!
  11. Are the metallic boys WOC known to have the same chipping issue as the the metallic boys this season?
  12. Loving the boy!!