Strap help plase!

  1. I have a mini sig hobo that needs new straps. I called Coach and she said that they had none there at customer service, but advised me to take it to my nearest Coach store and they could mail it in or I could print the form off the site and do it myself.

    Upon looking at the site, I see they charge $20. I was wanting to know if I took in the store, would I still have to pay the $20? The straps are cracking and the stitching is coming loose.

    Thanks for your help, as I have not had to do this with any of my older coach bags!
  2. i've never had to pay the $20 when i've taken bags into the store (i think i've taken in 3?)

    they'll look at it as a defect, so they should cover it. only rarely do i hear that they make you pay the fee if you take it in.