Strap Hardware Tarnishing?!

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  1. Bought the spontini in oct 2016, never used the strap, been in the dust bag all the time ... just took it out ... What is this?

    I checked all my other bags hardware, even my 10 yrs old Tivoli doesn’t have this! Is this normal? The Spontini is fine still shiny but the strap?! Will bring to the store tonight and see what they will say

    Last week the glazing now this

    IMG_1538681021.599727.jpg IMG_1538681075.728842.jpg IMG_1538681108.213669.jpg
  2. Polish it.
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  3. The zipper pulls on my Pallas developed this same spotting about 6 months after I purchased. I took it to LV, they replaced the pulls and I haven’t had an issue since. Hope you were able to get them replaced.
  4. This; if I'd let my Tiffany silver sit around this long it would be black. It happens.
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  5. I have spontini and I super love mine. No issues at all, still looking new even I use it for years.. one of my best investment.. :smile:
    As for the hardware, mine is really ok. Maybe you can just polish it ? My Hermes Evelyn also like this, have black spot or looks tarnish because I never use for months. After polish, it is clean.
    Btw, you mention about glazing issues. May I know on which bag ? Spontini or other bag ? I check my bag just now and no glazing issues so far.
  6. A problem when you store things like that is if there is humidity and it's locked away in a close space the moisture will cause this.. A light polish with brasso or similar should remove it but only very light not hard rubbing or you will rub the gold coating off. I bought a St Germain once that had been stored for the past 3 years and the whole chain had tarnish all over it! I polished gently and it all came off
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