Strap for Roxanne - any ideas???

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  1. Got my new Roxanne and i love it so much more than i thought and it doesnt seem too heavy! (will post pics) does anyone know of a strap that i can attach to her to carry across body? Many thanks
  2. Hi, I once bought a strap for mine through customer services (UK) - it was about £50. But....when I took Roxanne to town and stopped by the Mulberry store, the SA commented on the strap as following;Roxanne is not designed for this, and damage to the bag as a result of using this strap is not covered by the warranty etc....I enclose a pic of the strap (it comes in different colours, also available in leather).

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  3. thanks kriscat - thats interesting - the strap looks perfect! Do you use it - has it done any damage that you can see?
  4. Not anymore - sold my Roxanne a while ago....a new Roxanne A4 tote is on it's way, though! Used the strap for a while, couldn't see any damage.
  5. Etalb - I wanted a strap for my Rosemary bags and was told by the girls on here that Mulberry won't make a strap for people anymore, for the same reason as Kriscat said above.

    One of the pfers uses a vintage camera strap for her Rosy - would that work for you? The straps are quite colourful so maybe not for everyone but it's a good idea if you like lots of colour!
  6. a4 tote is gorgeous - do post pics !! many thanks i think i'll phone and see about strap
  7. if that is the profile pic with fab rosemary and colourful strap- i would def use a camera strap as always look at the pic and think how lovely the oak and the strap go together - i will check it out - thanks !!!
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    Kris, you sly cat had no idea you were getting a roxy tote :yahoo: Awesome!!

    Really looking forward to seeing the pictures of it!

  9. ^^will post pics when she arrives:smile:
  10. I'd definitely get the hump if someone made a comment like that to me. It's your bag - you're free to carry it however you choose. It's not like you were trying on a store bag with your own strap :shrugs:

    I mean, have customers actually tried to return their bags because they've become misshapen after using a messenger strap??:faint:
  11. This subject has been covered many times before - here is just one of the threads

    Customer Services will no longer sell straps individually. They state that the Roxy is not meant to be carried by a shoulder strap because it causes the bag to sag badly in the middle and could, over time, ruin the shape and leather of the bag.

    Your best bet - if you still want to use a strap on your roxy is to either get another bag which has a detatchable strap or use a guitar strap.
  12. The mulberry manager in HOF told me that it was fine to carry the roxanne by a strap, and it shouldn't effect the bag at all (i had asked her the same question)

    try looking on ebay for a camera strap, some of these look really good!
  13. i can definitely recommend using a camera strap, i've never used my rosy without it! :heart: the patterns of those straps go really well with oak :yes:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! i've been looking for a thin black leather strap for my brooke for winter, because the chain is too short for my coat :tup::tup: