Strap for capucines bag

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  1. Hi everybody! I have had the bb capucines bag for almost 2 years now. I'm not sure about the name of the colour, it's beige/gray. Anyway I haven't used it much even though I love it because the strap is a bit too long for me. Did anyone try a different strap with the bag or even make a new hole in the original strap? I'm worried I might ruin the strap with the new hole. Can you please post photos of your bag with a different strap to give me some ideas. Thank you
  2. I always punch new holes in my straps, I don't think it detracts or damages the strap or look in anyway. Except my Cap strap as I think the newer ones are a bit shorter anyway, but I would still add a hole if I had to. You could also take it to the store and get them to do it... I'm not brave enough to mix and match the straps, so no help there. :smile:
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  3. I went to LV and asked them to punch a hole but they refused. One SA recommended against it as it might ruin the leather.
  4. I've tried this strap form LV with the bag. It made the bag so much more fun and casual but still elegant. I love it but do you guys think it's worth the price. I could get my self a new pair of shoes for less than the price of the strap. What do you guys think?
    20190406_131101.jpg 20190406_131202.jpg
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  5. I love it! It looks great on the bag and now seems to fit your needs. You can also take your original strap to a cobbler to have them put a hole in it.
  6. I love it!!!
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  7. Totally!! For comfort alone I would get it. But adding it makes it a whole new bag. I would.
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  8. I have this strap and love it so I am completely biased. I think it totally changes the look of the bag and looks great on you. So yes, I think it's worth it!
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  9. I would bite the bullet and get the strap. It's gorgeous, and Capu is already a super nice bag, so why not get an incredible strap for it? A cobbler can put an extra hole in the existing strap for you. Shoes and bags are pretty much an equal investment to me; I think this strap is worth forgoing a nice pair of shoes, but only you can decide. :smile:
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    I didn’t see your post and I posted a similar question. Here is what I was thinking of buying. I like that the wider strap as it makes it more casual. Let me know what you think. Love the Galet color with the python strap! 351BFFCD-27A0-47DB-9709-1D7992CE621D.jpeg
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  11. Hello! I am totally in love with the wider strap. I think LV needs to seriously reconsider the strap for the cappucines. The wider strap makes it more modern and fun. I'm am going to check straps at dior and fendi as well to look for something similar but cheaper.
    I like the strap you chose with the bag. You can wear it on the LV print side for a funky look and the black side is for a more classic look.
    The price is the only thing that's stopping me from getting the python strap btw. But most probably I'll get it as a birthday gift for myself next month
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  12. Sorry I replied to you without quoting you.
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