strap for a mini hl?

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  1. hi everyone. i'm sorry, i never really introduced myself. :shame:
    anyway, i have a mini hl that i used for some time (swapping it in and out with a pouchette) then i got a speedy and have been using that one more than anything. i still get a lot of use out of the pouchettes but not the poor little mini. do you think i would get more use out of it if i got a long strap for it and carried it across my body? do they even make a strap that long? i feel bad making it just sit there and feel left out.
  2. Yea You totally should, I saw a gal that did that and its super cute and convenient. Im not sure which strap she had though...:hrmm:
  3. Just ask an SA at a store. I got one, don't know what it's called. Just tell them you are looking for a strap for the mini hl and you can use it on a pochette too!
  4. DiorGirl Welcome! So Happy You're Here!!!

    Star (A Super Sweet PF Member) ~ Had Highly Recommended This....

    The Strap On The Mini HL.....Is Suppose To Be Very Conveinvent (sp.).....I Haven't Tried It Yet....Let Us Know How It Goes!!!
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