Strap extension for my pt...

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  1. So I got my black pt in gsh a few weeks back and I love it to death, the only problem is that the strap is too short for me to wear it crossbody.

    I went to a hardware store today and found some of those keychain clip on metal chains. I think they look alright, and I wish I had found some more sleek looking ones, but this was all they had. I would remove the keyring holder thing if I could.

    But at least now I can adjust the length to wear the bag crossbody :smile:

    Pictures below, but bal purists may balk.

    The chain I bought... I got two in a pack.

    How it looks like on:

    Fully adjustable, just loop it as many times as you want, or unloop it to lengthen the strap:

    What it looks like with the straps held up:

    Hope that helps, I understand this is not the perfect solution, but I actually think the chains go quite well with the hardware.

    Feel free to tell me if it looks stupid :roflmfao:
  2. Very innovative! Can you show us some mod shots? Curious to see how this looks on....
  3. edamameb, we do what we must to lengthen our straps;)

    C'mon, Bal! Surely you can take a hint: see how many ladies are lengthening their straps for both the City and the Part-time. We're all getting taller with successive generations and many of us absolutely need that extra length!!
  4. Great idea!
    I actually think when you order a Bal they should give you a choice of what strap length you want or sell the straps separately. People have different tastes and should be able to choose what they what as they pay so much for it ( Just MHO:smile:
  5. That looks amazing! I 2nd the call for mod shots please :biggrin:

    Love the last look with the chain looped several times. It's very rock'nroll.

  6. Yes, I wish we have the option of getting extra longer/shorter shoulder strap we we purchase the bag.

    Hi edamameb,

    I think it's a brilliant idea to extend your shoulder strap!:yes: It goes well with Giant Silver Hardware.
  7. I love it! Don't fancy my chances of getting a rose gold version to match my bags tho :shucks: BUT if anyone sees one pls let me know!
  8. Look for key-ring charms with similar long chains in a variety of metal finishes and lengths in accessory places. Remove the charms and you are left with the links.

    Alternatively, local hardware shops also stock chains of various finishes and lengths that you purchase by the meter: that's where I got the links that match my RH.

    To match RGGH you'll need a chain/set of links that has a high content of copper in it.
  9. ^^Hmm good idea, SkyBlueDay! I shall have a nosey around x
  10. Good luck!!
  11. Good idea! I can never understand why these bag companies don't allow for us to adjust the straps... it's essential!
  12. Good idea. I returned my part time because this was one of the problems and if I just let it hang on my shoulder it would hit at my hip where it would just get in the way. Wish I had thought of something like that. Maybe I would still have my pt.
  13. ^ Those look cool but are literally 10 times more expensive than what I paid for my extensions. I really suggest going to a hardware store to take a look around before committing to buying anything :smile:
  14. Quick modeling pics. Sorry for the craptastic lighting, using phone cam.


    Worn on shoulder: