Strangest Seller Ever

  1. Apparently she had a 24 hour payment policy that was written in tiny letters at the bottom, which is fine, but...

    I checked yesterday to see if I'd won the item and then noticed there was some email from her but the eBay page wouldn't let me open her message. There was some red notice at the top saying some things aren't available to you right now...check back later. I assume this means they were updating the site. Anyway, I check again today and this woman has apparently attempted to slap me with a non-paying bidder and I believe she's relisted the bag. The auction ended FRIDAY NIGHT! She sent me the nastiest email saying eBay asked her to contact me and she had sent 3 emails already. Now really, I think she's being a bit unreasonable as I pay for auctions usually within a day or so of winning, but this woman is horrible. I could understand the 24 hour deal if it were a BIN or didn't end in the middle of the night on a Friday but this is just Out of Control.

    I told her if she's relisted the bag then fine, I'll even pay her eBay fees but I don't know what kind of nonsense she's going to come up with.
  2. Geez, how crazy. What, was she sitting by her computer the whole time just waiting? :rolleyes:
  3. Apparently. I just want to get rid of her. I guess I need to contact ebay or something. She's a crazy lady.
  4. She cant file a claim until 7 days after the auction has ended. Although a seller may request you pay within 24 hours, ebay will only allow a seller to put a claim in after 7 days then you get you opportunity to write back. If she has relisted the item and not given you chance to pay, you can also put a claim in to ebay as you won the item and she has to sell it to you.
  5. I wouldn't be offering to pay her fees.
  6. don't offer her that she is crazy and you have 7 dyas to pay if you wanted to:yes:
  7. wow! yall are ebay masters! I was about to freak out over this! I don't know why she's so mean, she has high feedback but it may be from buying not selling.
  8. Yikes.

    As the others have said, you have 7 days to pay via ebay and the seller can't do much until 14 days, honestly.

    24 hours is absurd and he/she sounds a bit tightly wound. If that was my policy (which it's not), I'd have it in HUGE lettering, not hidden!
  9. She can't file a non paying bidder report until after 7 days, yes, but she does NOT have to sell it to you. Ebays says sellers can sell to whomever they want and if they choose NOT to sell it to the winning bidder they have that right. Yep....they've done it to me twice.
  10. That's truly obnoxious behavior. If I were you I would definitely add her to your favorites with a note saying DO NOT BUY, so you never have to deal with her again.
  11. Wow - I've never heard of an ebay policy that provided that a seller did not have to sell to the winning bidder if the bidder paid within ebay's time frame. I'm scratching my head over that, especially since you can't file for non payment with ebay until 7 days!:confused1:

    I've been on ebay for almost 9 years - can you tell me the circumstances of your situations? I'm just appalled when I read some of the problems ebay has created for itself!


  12. Well, I agree with that. I don't understand. Why would she do that? She's obviously an incredibly cranky woman. Would she give you your money back if you sent it to her? There is a 7 day window...but again, the seller does have the option to not take the money...
  13. I agree, especially since she gave you that time frame, there are a lot of people who aren't around on the computer on Friday nights and some people are gone on weekends.
    I would try doing the ebay claim against her as well.
  14. I would have to disagree with you Judy. Can you provide the eBay link that says the above......

    Ebays says sellers can sell to whomever they want and if they choose NOT to sell it to the winning bidder they have that right.:nogood: