Strangest animal you have rescued?

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  1. Last night I think I rescued the strangest animal I ever thought I’d rescue. I rescued a GOPHER!

    Last night my DH and I went to the movies. As we were walking up to the theater we saw a rodent hobbling about on the sidewalk and starting to go in the street. We thought it was a rat at first but as we got closer we saw it was a gopher.

    By this time the poor little guy was in the middle of the street, with tons of traffic but luckily all the drivers in their car saw him in the street and slowed down to see exactly what it was. He wasn’t moving very quick and seemed just in shock. My DH shooed him out of the street lightly with his shoe right before some stupid teenagers drove by shouting out the window that they wanted to run him over.

    We couldn’t just let him wander around on the sidewalk in front of the theater because he would probably go back in the street and there was nowhere safe for him to go. My DH went inside the theater to get a popcorn box to pick him up in while I watched the lil’ guy out front. An elderly couple walked by thinking it was on a leash because he was just following me. They thought it was a Chihuahua puppy until they got close. LOL. Those mean teenagers parked their car and walked up to check the gopher out. One guy was going to burn him with his cigarette until I told him to stop.

    My DH finally came out with the box, so we scooped him up and took him around back and walked to a nearby spot away from all the hustle and bustle of the movie theaters. We let him go on a grassy hill near a park. He starting eating grass right away, and followed us for a bit before going his own way.

    When we got back to the theater those stupid kids were looking around for him still. What kind of excitement could you get out of torturing an animal?

    Anyway, we felt much better knowing he was in a safer spot, even though he might be someone’s garden pest.
  2. ^OMG those people were sick!!!!!!!! Who would even THINK to burn the poor little creature with a cigarette?! Thank GOODNESS you and SO rescued the little guy.

    I would have to say that the strangest animal I ever rescued was a seagull with a broken wing...I was about 16 or so...he let me wrap him up in my beach towel and the lifeguards drove me (with him in my arms) to the main station where they were going to give him to a bird rescue. It was so sad b/c people were trying to chase him and kids were trying to terrorize the poor thing....I quickly put a stop to that though!!

    I also rescued a small baby mouse at my aunt's church! A literal church mouse! LOL I gave him to a local small wild animal rescue :smile:

    Great thread!!!!!!
  4. So nice of you, even though a seagull pooped on my car this morning. I just got it washed yesterday too. :lol: I'd still rescue a seagull though or any animal!

    My second strangest rescue was a wild brown bunny. In the middle of summer I was driving in my neighborhood and saw a cat on the side of the road staring at a bunny. I pullled over and the bunny was alive, but exhausted from the heat and probably from the cat chasing him all around. I picked the bunny up and drove him home. He just layed there in my lap as I drove. I then noticed he had a lot of ticks on him. :sad: When I got home I found a cardboard box and tore one side off so he had a little house. I placed him in the box in my backyard. He layed in there until he calmed down and then hopped away again. :smile: I felt bad about all the ticks he had, but there was nothing I could do. I probably would have given him a heart-attack if I handled him anymore. I guess that is just nature. :s
  5. Ummm... lets see... various mice, red squirrels, grey squirrels, a moose calf, a European starling, a grackle, a robin, a few house sparrows... there has to be more, though I can't think of any others at the moment...
  6. Let's see, about 18 years ago when we lived in Florida, I was driving home and saw a turtle crossing a street, so I turned around and picked him up because I didn't want him/her to get run over. When I got home and showed hubby ... he says "are you crazy ... that's a snapping turtle!!!"

    Yikes ... good thing he/she didn't snap one of my fingers off ... it probably knew I was trying to help him/her. So the next morning we took him by a lake and let him go ... he may still be alive ... I hope so.
  7. Probably a pigeon. We made the trek with him (or her?) to a vet clinic in our area that specializes in wildlife rehabilitation, but unfortunately they couldn't save him. When I was in high school we brought a young injured bird (found in the stable, maybe a barn sparrow?) to the same place, and I'm pretty sure he made it. And a friend brought an orphaned baby squirrel to them, too.

    That's awesome that you helped out the gopher! But it makes me sad that there are people out there that get their kicks out of torturing innocent animals. Makes me ill.
  8. i went home to visit my parents, and they live in the suburbs but have woods in their backyard, and as i got ready to turn into their driveway, i noticed a little brownish-green something or other in the middle of the road. i figured it was a rock, but upon closer inspection, it was a TURTLE! i put my flashers on in the middle of the road, hopped out, and safely deposited the little guy in their backyard near the creek. i then commenced parking.
  9. Those mean kids! They should taste some cigarette burning themselves!

    I haven't rescued anything strange, only cats and a bird. The bird was a long time ago when I was about 10 I think. We found him/her (not sure) in my grandma's house. He just came to the ground and let my mom picked him up. We brought him home, bought a cage for him, and I fed him bananas and papayas with my own hand using a lil straw. I was so attached to him and was devastated when I heard a cat breaking into the cage and ate him! I was in my mom's office when I heard and was hysterical. Seriously, I screamed and cried buckets.

    I didnt end up a cat hater though..
  10. I raised a baby squirrel once. Fed him with a tiny bottle and everything. Also once I found a sick field mouse in the garage and took him to my vet. They thought I was a little crazy but they did what they could for the little guy. Unfortunately it died anyway but I'm glad I tried.
  11. We used to have a pet pigeon. We found two eggs in the attic and decided to put them under a light to try to see if they would hatch. Amazingly enough, one did and the pigeon lived. We fed him and he was very domesticated. He would land on your shoulder and come in the house and sit on my dad's shoulder while he'd read in the living room. He'd try to land on the mailman, the UPS man, dogs, whoever. Unfortunately I think his friendliness might have gotten him killed because one day he disappeared. But we always hoped maybe he just met a female and eloped!
  12. Field mice, numerous birds, a couple of squirrels (1 I had as a pet for over 12 + years) , a racoon, toads, bunnies..that's what I can recall right now!

    BTW regarding those cruel, sick teenagers i agree that they should experience being tortured and see what that feels like. They sound like pure evil to me. DISGUSTING!:censor:
  13. Aww bless your heart!! I'm so glad you rescued the little guy and put him somewhere safer, away from the evil teenagers! It's so cute he was following you! I don't even know what a Gopher looks like. haha

    I've never rescued anything weird myself, but my dad rescued a racoon when he was younger, he named him cookie.
  14. Well for me a lil mean snapping turtle LOL!! He kept snapping at me and I was just trying to help him cross the street so he wouldnt get hit.

    But for my Fedex lady she is a huge animal lover. She was driving along the highway and saw a horse on the road. She pulled over and managed to get him in the back of her fedex truck and took him to a farm til she could locate the owner. Now thats some delivery :nuts: Good thing she was in her big truck too.
  15. awww..good to read all the good deeds people are doing for animals!!

    the strangest animal i ever rescued wass....a goldfish.
    they were going to throw her away because she was blind and all the other fish were nibbing at her. I bought her a complete aquarium, filter, and so on.
    she didnt last very long though, but I was pretty attached to her, she responded to me more than regular fish when I was feeding her or knock on the aquarium glass. so it was kind of heartbreaking when I found her floating, probably water issues, I had 5 hours stressing out finding out why she got sick but the ppl at the petshop keeps saying " it's just a fish, not worth it", however they kept me buying this and that product for the water which probably was why she died.