Strangers who rag on your kids

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  1. This has only happened to me a couple of times, so when it does I'm in such shock that I'm usually left hanging for an appropriately *****y response.

    Today I took my son over to the mall to get out of the house for a while. He's 10 years old, but developmentally disabled, and loves to walk around the mall to look at things and ride up and down the escalators. He's generally very well-behaved, and was being so today. We were at Nordstroms and I wanted to do one lap around the shoe department to see what was new. This woman was sitting in a chair trying on shoes, and had leaned her crutches against the chair so they were sticking out in the aisle. My son likes to show me things, and had picked up a shoe from the diplay on the other side of the aisle for me to see, and didn't see her crutches behind him and accidently kicked them. I was holding onto his hand all this time, and as quickly as I could took the shoe from him, put it back in the display and moved him away from where her crutches were still blocking half the aisle, while telling my son well within her earshot, "Honey, watch where you're stepping! Be careful please."

    So we get a few feet away, and stop to look at something at a display table (which is now in between her and us), and she turns around in her chair and says in one of those fake polite voices, "Will you PLEASE WATCH him!" and then because apparently she thinks I'm stupid, says again "Will you PLEASE WATCH him." I assume she's referring to my son, who I have by the hand (and had the entire time) and is standing there doing nothing. I just blinked a couple of times and said "we're leaving now."

    It's not like he was misbehaving. He just tripped over her freakin crutches. And I'd already moved him out of range several seconds before. Where do people like this get off???? :cursing::cursing: I know some people do let their kids run amok in public, but that's not us. We always are consicous of his behavior and take pains to be sure he's not disturbing anyone, or we remove him. Gah.
  2. I'm sorry....that stinks.

    I can't think of any examples at the moment, but I know in the past there has been a gritch or two that has been way out of line, and when you're one of the GOOD parents that really tries, it does really sting the feelings plus incite anger. Plus, even if he WAS misbehaving (and he clearly was far from it), some people may not admit that they expect kids to be perfect in public, but they really do expect that. Usually those that don't have kids and truly don't have an understanding of how much work it is on a minute-by minute basis to teach children how to behave in all elements. They're still humans that have bad days and good days, etc. and will never be perfect.
    And, then there's all the BAD parents who do let their kids run amok that give those that try not a chance in hell...

    She could have been in a lousy mood or simply hate kids and could have been WAITING for him to screw'll never know. You were very mature not to say anything snappy back and sink down to her level.
  3. sounds like a VERY unhappy woman!
    I swear people have such a sense of entitlement, she shouldn't have taken it out on your little man!
  4. Thanks Mshel. Yeah some people forget that sometimes even the best kids "lose it" occasionally, and there's only so much control a parent can exert short of picking the kid up and carrying them outside (not always an option).

    Swanky, thanks. Fortunately I think he was pretty oblivious to what was going on; one of the silver linings in the cloud of his reduced cognitive functioning is that he seems to be immune to knowing when he's being dis'd.
  5. I admit I am one of those people who gets annoyed at kids running around the stores and especially being obnixious and the parents just ignoring it, but I never say anything. That was just an accident...and I think thats really *****y of her to even say anything at all. Its not like he was wondering around the store or causing any problems from your story. Somepeople just like the make a scene. I have had kids back into me or step on my feet and stuff before, and its pretty obviously just an accident that even an adult would do. As long as the kid is not purposely being a brat, Its not an issue.
  6. I have kids and I'm annoyed by unruly children as well . . . but this wasn't the case.
    What a hag!
  7. I remember once when my mom and my half-brother came to visit me and we took him to this really pretty park that has a lake, ducks, etc. (he was 3) and he was just having fun - you know like most toddlers do. There was this lady there and she gave my little brother the nastiest look and then looked at my mom and went "Can't you control your child?"

    He was just looking at the ducks and making happy noises!!
  8. Some people are just so unhappy on the inside that they like to take it out on people. :tdown: I just hope it didn't hurt your son's feelings or spoil your day.
  9. Pseub, that woman was a loser. Plain and simple. An unhappy, miserable person.
  10. pseub,

    URGH that was uncalled for... i'm sorry you and your son had to deal with that .... you did what you could, you were holding him by his hand and already told him to be careful and its not like he was running around like a crazy kid (seen too many of those).

    She was probably just *****y, having a bad day or something. not that it justifies what she did!

    next time, shoot back a crisp reply like "can't you see I'm holding his hand? it was an accident, get over it!" LOL and then linger around her... HEHEHEHE
  11. :tup:
  12. I knew someone who was disciplining her kid in the bathroom and some lady said, "See, that's what's WRONG with YOU PEOPLE!" (She is black and the lady was white.) She was like, "Huh? So are you saying if I don't discipline my child it's a problem?" Really, some people can just be so nosy and obnoxious no matter what you do.
  13. Oh, I have a story!! Its not my child, but my god son. We were at the mall when he was about 4 months old, he used to have bad gas and NOTHING would get rid of it. The doctor even said for his parents to just wait it out, he wouldnt suffer from such severe gas much longer as he was 4 months already. Anyway, we were in Dillards( in the BABY dept.) and he was fussing (not quite crying, but he was fussing kind of loud). Well, I decided since nothing was working to stop him from fussing(holding him, feeding him, diaper change, etc.) I would check out and head home. I was in line and I see this lady out of the corner of my eye speed walking across half the store to get to me, she RUDELY looks in the stroller at DJ(god son) and says "Babies should NOT be crying like that, they need to be held and cared for. How dare you just leave him in there to fend for himself". With a little bit of an attitude I said "He has gas". She goes "well, have you tried to pick him up?" I say "Don't worry about what Ive tried. Hes not your child, so its non of your business. We will be leaving right after I check out, you wont have to listen to him anymore. Im sorry that Ive inconvenienced you while you are shopping a PUBLIC place."

    Where do people get off?? Seriously! I cant wait to see what I will encounter when I have children:push:
  14. I am sorry this happened to you... I remember one time my mom got really, really mad (the only time I saw her angry in public) when this saleslady yelled at me for touching the display bed sheets. She said something along the line of get your little dirty hands off the bed. I remember being so scared because I was only 5, and all I wanted to do was to touch the little sheep on the bed sheet. Pretty traumatic for me at the moment though, but I was happy my mom backed me up and taught me that some people are just mean-spirited. I guess what I am trying to say is it is alright to speak up if someone is intimidating your child.
  15. I am sorry that woman was so rude to you and your son. She sounds like a very bitter woman. I think there are people in this world who are just looking for drama. I am sure she made the SA serving her life's miserable ...Can you imagine having a person like that as a grandmother???? You and your son did nothing wrong. Since she was on crutches maybe she should have stayed home, her crutches could have made anyone trip over them.........
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