Strangers RAVE about Anthracite!

  1. Okay, this has NEVER happened to me before. Yes, I've noticed people looking at my other b bags (and why not, they're all gorgeous IMHO!).

    But today I took my new Anthracity out for a walk and I had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR strangers look at my bag and say right to me "What a great color!" And this is in New York City!

    And I went to a social event where two of my female friends who didn't know I was getting a new bag just grabbed it and said "Oh, my God!" One male friend who knew I was on the fence when I went to BalNY said "There's no way you were going to pass this up, were you? The color is just incredible! Wow!"

    Now that I have it for a day, I'm actually going to say it's a dark gray with blue and green casts. The blue hue is a kind of dark but bright blue, like Blueberry, the green is a dark but bright green (maybe akin to Vert Gazon?), and the gray is a rich dark charcoal gray that brings it all down so you don't actually see the Blueberry or Vert Gazon, just the faint cast of them. I don't know how Balenciaga does that...but that's the magic, isn't it?

    And right now, I love this color more than Rouille, more than Ink...
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    That's so awesome!

    Even though we love our BBags just because we love is fun to get compliments on your fabulous style choices right?!?!?!

    I'm so excited to get my handbag this week...I so excited but I'm trying not to even think about it.:sweatdrop:
  3. aww, don't you just love when that happens?? :tender: congrats on your great choice of color!! yum yum!! :drool:
  4. Those are some sweet moments, and you feel so good because other people notice that you're carrying a great looking bag (even though you already know it). Congrats on choosing a great looking bag!!!!
  5. Awww such lovely comments!
  6. Oh wow very cool!
  7. I cannot wait for this.. my poor Vermillon is going to be put aside once Anthracite arrives!
  8. wow! can't wait to take mine out tomorrow and see what happens LOL!
  9. It all happened on the UWS.
  10. That is so great!! I am super excited to get my bag and it helps ease my mind that so many people are liking the color IRL! :nuts:

    I do want to thank you, Highgloss, because your reports helped me pull the trigger today on my city purchase. I just wish that I were in NYC so that I could have mine in hand already! Also, I love the term "antracity."
  11. ^^^^ I have to agree^^^^^Highgloss your report pushed me over the edge to buy MY new bag too!

    Although she'll be called Antwiggy :yahoo: :supacool:
  12. That's really cool! That bag must be stunning IRL!
  13. Highglossfinish,

    I'm so glad your bag is everything you want and more. For people in NYC to take a second look, WOW! I can't wait to see this color IRL.
  14. I'm glad to hear that you (and others) are enjoying your bag so much! I hope I get a chance to see this color in person.
  15. That is wonderful :smile: it is a gorgeous color ^^