stranger than fiction

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    i think will ferrel and emma thompson are brilliant here, not to forget dustin hoffman.
  2. I thought it was a surprisingly entertaining movie. I'm usually not a Will Ferrell fan but I thought he did a good job! :smile:
  3. I loved this movie! It felt a little long winded at times, but what a great story.
  4. i saw this when he came out in theatres...i don't normally like will ferrel movies, but this one was super good!
  5. yes this one is good...i got misty eyes too LOL
  6. my fave scenes were where will asked dustin about the ending on emma's novel and dustin said to him that he had to die for bigger reason, a masterpiece work.

    that was soooo sad.

    and i'm loving maggie with the tattoo :p
  7. I'm a huge Will Ferrell fan, since SNL! But haven't gotten around to watching this. Hopefully I'll catch up next Tuesday (half price at my local Blockbuster), along with the latest Nip/Tuck season!
  8. ig u're a huge WF fans, u'll not regret to see this movie :yes:
    he's sooo different than he is at well hmmm :rolleyes: mugatu in zoolander :roflmfao:
  9. I loved it. I thought the concept was interesting and it was well done. I love Emma Thompson. All English majors should be required to watch this movie.
  10. not just the concept and the story, but also the technical difficulties, as i'm watching the special features in the DVD, i was amazed on how they work this film on.

    the black and white and colours mixed in one scene, even they put different lightings for bw and the colour scene because the logic for both are so much different.
  11. I enjoyed this movie too ! I love Will ferrell.