Strange 'Violet'?

  1. I was at NM yesterday and saw what is supposed to be 'purple' with SGH??? It looked nothing like these beautiful violets Fayden and others have purchased (all of yours look gorgeous). The one I saw IRL looked not even similar to the color in photos. It was a very red purple, almost brown like a rotten plum!!! Could this be a new mystery color?:confused1:
  2. I wonder if it's the "Grape" color that someone referred to in a different thread? Which N/M was it at?
  3. Tysons in VA/DC
  4. "Grape" is what BalNY calls "violet," so they are supposed to be the same color. There has been some variation between bags, but nothing that sounds like this before. Weird.
  5. I'm very curious to see this "rotten plum" color. i'll try to venture out to Tyson's today and report back...
  6. I am glad to hear that. I called BalNY to get on the waitlist fot a violet city and the SA said "you mean grape? I am also on the waitlist at NM Tysons so fingers crossed.
  7. well not all bags are exactly the same even if they are the same color. maybe it's from a different batch? but yep, it is probably violet/grape you are seeing.
  8. Just got back from NM @ Tyson's... Like Fiatflux had said, the brownish color there was mogano. They had one violet w/SGH on hold for someone which they were kind enough to show me. It was BEEEAAUUUUTIFUL!!:girlsigh: Looked exactly like Fayden's work, only as a city. The color was totally different from the lune clutch violet that was there too. Clutch was a deeper purple. If anyone wants the violet w/SGH, the bag will be off hold tomorrow. HTH
  9. mogano is also a beautiful color!!!!
  10. When I read your post I automatically assumed that you were most likely talking about Cinnamon. So I went over there to investigate :nuts:...and NM Tysons has not received any Violets just yet, so I do believe that you are talking about Cinnamon (brown like with reddish tones).
  11. So, cinnamon = mogano? I'm a little confused on the browns this season since there are so many different names for them.
  12. Here you go Fiat...

    Balenciaga NEW YORK names for FW Colors...

    BLACK (noir)

    SIENA (tabac)

    OCEAN (bleu)

    DARK OLIVE (vert fonce)

    PAPRIKA (rouille)

    TOMATO (rouge)

    STEEL (plomb)

    CRÈME (ivory)

    PINE (previously unnamed green swatch)

    GRAPE (violet)

    CINNAMON (mogano)

    MARIGOLD (jaune)
    Sorry but this is NOT THAT Marigold.

    OATMEAL (mastic)
  13. Thanks, icb! if I could only easily find this list when I want to refer to it, it would be perfect. It would be ideal if both versions of names could be included on the F/W '07 color chart when it is created. (hint, hint ;) )
  14. Spy pics of this mystery bag would be great!!!