Strange... tracking online for FedEx wrong?


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Okay, I know I have been whining :crybaby: about my satchel, but according to FedEx tracking online my package hasn't moved since Friday.

I called CS to ask if this was strange and she said "no- it left a ramp today at noon today".

Has anyone ever had their tracking online be wrong?


Sep 15, 2007
I have noticed that FEDEX tracking doesn't change from Friday through the weekend, but it's usually updated on Monday again. I had that happen with my Bleecker duffle, and when it was updated on Monday morning, I realized it was going to be out for delivery that day (a day early).... despite the online tracking stating it was still in Jacksonville.

Now what I have noticed is that they can sometimes "lose" orders... I called to check the status of my key fob I ordered because they only had 7 left when I placed the order, and I had received no tracking info via email like I usually do. She couldn't find the info at all, so I assumed it had been "cancelled" and they just didn't notify me. Nothing came up about the order with my name, address, or any other info, though, which was weird. Finally, after I found and gave her the P.O. number I was given when I first called, she found the order, and turns out it was out for delivery that day.

I would recommend calling FEDEX directly and ask since you have the tracking info. Otherwise it might show up and you not know about it...I hate it that they just leave the items on my porch. So I like to know what day to expect it since sometimes it can be delivered earlier than originally scheduled.