strange things happen to bags in their dustbags! Help!

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  1. Ok, I havent used my lovely Potiron Kelly in a few weeks so today I took her out of her dustbag and noticed that the turnkey on it look gold, so I figured maybe it was tarnish? Odd. Then when I ran my finger over it, it felt rough and I noticed it was peeling! It actually looks like it was gold hardware underneath the silver part! The bag is from 07 I believe so it is not an age issue. I always hear strange stories of bags that are kept in their dustbag. They get discolorations, color transfers, and now this. I dont understand! Im so careful with my bags too.

    Anyone ever hear of this? Doesnt this sound strange? Im going to take it to Hermes asap. I hope they dont charge me for a new turnkey (I highly doubt it). I'll try to get a pic of it.
  2. I wonder if it is just oxidizing over time..I know that brass does tend to peel as it ages? I hope it can be fixed.....
  3. The Kelly bag is one year old though.:shrugs:
  4. I'm so sorry this happened to your bag, Luccibag! Please let us know what H says about it.
  5. oh, no...((hugs)) to you. i've no advise to share with you, but i hope hermes would be able to fix this for you (and for free since your kelly is only 1 year old).
  6. Aren't you supposed to leave the purse in its dustbag? That's odd ...
  7. This sounds alarming to me. My Birkin has gold hardware, and it is also from 2007. It is very shiny, and smooth, like 18K jewellry.
    I polish it with a dry jewellry wipe once in a while.

    My other bags have silver Palladium hardware, and they also look like 18K white gold jewellry.
    So does my Kelly watch with diamonds, it looks like 18K white gold.
    Even my permabrass H items are flawless!

    Did you purchase from Hermes proper, or a re seller?
    If you purchased from a re seller; I suspect it is a fake.
  8. Its absolutely and definitely real. I bought it from someone I know who bought it straight from Hermes. So to me, its as close to getting it straight from Hermes as it gets. (she's also a lovely tPF member) I do not doubt at all its authenticity. This is definitely just a quality control problem.
    This hardware from 07 is paladium though, Not gold like your bag. It is paladium that is peeling, revealing a gold tone underneath.
  9. I don't does seem strange. Hmmmm...pondering this for a bit. I know it happens to my silver..sometimes faster on certain items...hmmmm:sad: I am sorry this is happening.
  10. Maybe the turnkey was defective? I dont even know how they are made. Is it brass and then dipped into the paladium metal? This one sure looks that way.
  11. Ghost, brass does not peel.
    All of the fittings on my show harness in Pleasure Driving is brass. The fittings on my carriages are all brass. These carriages are over 100 years old.
    None of the brass has peeled; but it always needs polishing!
  12. ^ Solid brass does not peel because it is totally all brass... there is nothing to peel off. From what I understand, palladium hardware is actually a plating of palladium on top of silver or possibly a base metal.

    So, there must be a defect if the palladium plating is peeling off. Luccibag, do you live in a very humid area by chance?
  13. Head over to hermes at once! Let us know what the sa says.
  14. :wtf: sorry to hear that... Let us know what H thinks happened. I'm sure they can fix it for you!
  15. PICS coming up! (Grand Latte, Im in NJ) No humidty. Im taking it straight to Claude! Its only the little turnkey part. It would be a really quick fix too. Just replace that little piece.