STRANGE thing happening

  1. So we have been away, and our dogs were safe and sound with our what we call our manny (and the girls LOVE him) as we do not have kids per say but he helps us out etc...anyway, you know when you give a baby a rasberry on the a noisy kiss..we have always done this with the girls and Violet hears the sound and runs like the wind...Lilly loves it...its really weird..I wonder why...:sad: I hate that Violet has a nervous tick about something:sad: :sad: :sad: She is the older one.
  2. Well, I have to first say that I am very relieved that I am not the only person who does this to dogs. My male doxie does not really like it, but my female does, she gets that we are playing and she will bat my head with her paw..
  3. Irishgal!! We are cut from the same scissors you run with!! my girls are kissed to peices and LOVE IT...but NOW if Violet heres the smacky noisy kiss she is GONE...if its a normal smacker..she is fine its that noist kiss that make her run...WHAT DOES IT MEAN??
  4. I think it means they have preferences just like we do!!
  5. My doxie girl LOVEs it too!
  6. I give raspberries all the time to my babies...they both happen to love it. Maybe the noise frightens her a bit for whatever reason.
    Hmm.. I guess that was obvious!
  7. Yeah...its weird...she is my oldest...(I call her my little granny) and not once have I seen her freak about anything since I have had her!! I wonder what goes on her mind when she heres it :sad:
  8. That's cute! Prince doesn't mind most things, you know sweeper, hair dryer etc. But the one thing that does freak him out is when the coffee pot is done brewing and steams and snorts a little bit, just plan on not seeing him for a few minutes!
  9. LOL Sunshine that is too funny! My dogs love that too...especially Carmen, my little white and tan female!
  10. I do this too!!! :yes: Not sure if the dogs like it though.. lol.
  11. She has been really off with me all day...Like she is mad at me. Im going to take her to the dog park tomorrow without Lilly and have some alone time with her. I can not even get her to come for her dog treats...:sad: