Strange Red Sore on My Cheek. Any ideas?

  1. Last week I noticed a tiny bump on my cheek that grew all of a sudden. I couldn't leave well enough alone, though. I knew it wasn't a pimple, but I picked at it a little bit and it turned into a flat circle the size of a dime. It gets a little scab on it, but then it bleeds, scabs and bleeds. This has been going on now for six days. It is not improving at all.

    I'm starting to panic. Could this be skin cancer? Or does anyone else have an idea what it could be? My dermatologist is out of town for another week, but I'm got an appt. with her aesthetician on Tuesday.
  2. Cancer takes more than days to grow so don't worry about that! =) I wish I could help you though! Is that the only bump?
  3. Oh, thank you so much mas2388. That is a relief. I have been looking at pictures of skin cancer on-line and thought, well, maybe that was the problem.

    Yes, that is the only bump. Thanks again for your reply. I feel much better.
  4. It could be impetigo, a pretty common skin infection that starts with a blister and is common on the face.

    You should see a doctor if it isn't healing!
  5. Hi....just curious, have you gotten this checked out yet? I had a similar lesion on my chest that appeared suddenly last Oct....please update us!
  6. I went to the dermatologist last Thursday. She said she didn't know what it was exactly, but suspected it was a pre-skin cancer. She's going to remove it on Aug. 1, and send it in for a biopsy.

    I wanted her to do the procedure right then, but she preferred to wait a couple of weeks to see if it would go away on its own. Unfortunately it seems here to stay and the fact that she'd never seen anything like it makes me even more nervous.

    She told me not to worry, though, as whatever it turns out to be, even skin cancer, will be treatable.

    Have you seen a dermatologist about your spot? Did everything turn out okay? I hope so. These things can be so worrisome.
  7. Hi leelee....I had a very similar lesion suddenly appear on my chest last October and it did just like started bleeding/scabbing over, turning a smoothy shiny purple color, etc. and after a couple of weeks I finally went to the doctor who referred me immediately to a dermatologist. He did a biopsy which confirmed it to be basal cell carcinoma which, if you're going to get skin cancer, is the one you want to have because it is the slowest growing and least life threatening if treated. They scheduled me for inpatient surgery the following week to remove it and now I go back for a full body scan every six months. I was told that this particular skin cancer grows UNDER the skin for awhile before erupting into this lesion, but once it does show up on the surface it can grow more rapidly. The tumor under the skin is actually larger than the surface lesion.

    I wish you the best...and I would insist that this be taken care of immediately....hopefully in your case it will turn out to be nothing.
    Please keep us posted!! Big hugs to you and if you need to talk or have anymore questions please don't hesitate to PM me! :heart:
  8. debsmith, I am so glad you were able to get your problem taken care of! What a relief! It is such a good idea that you are getting regular skin cancer checks now.

    Thank you for writing to me about this spot on my cheek. It sounds exactly like what you experienced. I am very fair skinned and the dermatologist said for that reason pre-skin cancer would be her suspicion. It's interesting what you said about the cancer growing under the skin for a while before erupting. In this same spot I had a little dot, not exactly a pimple or a mole, but a strange little "something" under the sking before I got this frightening scabby, bleeding lesion.

    I appreciate your response and am so very glad things turned out well for you. I wish you good health!