Strange Rash on lower Throat and Chest ...

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  1. Itchy and raised red slightly scaley bumps. I have tried a few different things. Itch Relief Caladryl clear. Also tried Aquaphor. It almost drys but then gets very itchy. Been going on for a few weeks.

    At first I thought it was from my little Chi's nails scratching me, but I have been very careful not to let her.

    If I take too hot a shower, that makes it itch like wildfire. The itching is driving me crazy.
  2. It might be time to make an appointment with your doctor. They'll be able to tell you what it is and give you the proper medication.

    It doesn't sound fun, hopefully it clears up soon!
  3. ITA with Danica, get thee to the doctor :yes: I had eczema (unbeknownst to me, I thought it was an annoying rash that wouldn't go away) for a couple of months before I finally went to the dermatologist. So glad I did, because I was able to get the right treatment for it.

    Hope you feel better soon! Keep us posted :smile:
  4. Have you changed soap or detergent recently? My old coworker got a rash from changing detergents. It was pretty bad.
  5. Get to a doctor. I originally thought it sounded like hives but don't think so anymore.
  6. Yes see a doctor. Use some hydrocortisonne cream to ease the itching in the mean time.
  7. are you wearing a necklace that may contain nickel or some other metal you might be allergic to?
  8. Stress can give you rashes but you need to get a proper diagnosis from doctor!
  9. Psoriasis maybe? The scaly comment made me think this. You should see a dermatologist.
  10. After trying almost everthing, I put alcohol on it last night. It seems to be better.

    I am going to try to get an appointment this week - they have to fit me in at Kaiser.
  11. weirdly enough, it could be poison oak. you dont have to actually be in contact with the plant to get it. if someone has it or has been developing it, and they touch you or your clothes, you can get it. and sometimes it takes WEEKS to develop and results in a pretty yucky raised and red rash that, of course, itches like mad. my sister had a super mysterious bumpy rash like that on her hands and wrists and it went on for weeks before a doc told her it was poison oak. all you can do in that case is calamine lotion, antihistimine, and wait till it heals....

    but im no doc so i cant tell you about your case. see a do or a nurse at least. they might know by just looking at it.
  12. here's a thought..have you started using a new perfume lately? i find that even though im not allergic to perfume, there are a certain few that if i spray on too much, will give me a rash that lasts a while.
  13. Thanks all - no perfume. Don't wear necklaces.

    You know poison Oak or Ivy is a possible - Georgia is full of it and it has been unseasonable warm except for the last couple of weeks. The itch like mad and ichy part fit.

    I did change laundry detergents briefly, but switched back.
  14. are you scratching and then touching other body parts? i think poison ivy and oak would spread if you do. if you are is it spreading? if it's not spreading to other areas you touch probably not poison.
  15. Could it be Prickly heat? Are you in very hot environment, crazy central heating?