Strange question...

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  1. Does anyone know whether a LZW or Marky Paradise wallet will fit into the MJ Vera? My personal LV agenda and Kindle does, so I'm assuming that it is long enough to fit the wallet.

    Sorry for the strange question...

  2. it will. :yes:
  3. You kept it SuLi? I thought you sold the Vera!
  4. Thanks ladies!

    sneez - I haven't been able to sell the Vera yet.
  5. Yep it fits fine.. reminds me I haven't used the Vera lately, should bring it out again!
  6. I am less 2 MJs as of the last few days. I have to admit, it's not bothering me. The blue Cecilia and the black Stam are both gone. I kind of feel liberated! :jrs:
    And both went to loving homes - both tpf'ers. :heart:
  7. #7 Sep 14, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010
    AND - my new black Cecilia is exactly what I wanted to begin with. I bought one last year but returned it because it was more distressed looking and had the grey edge paint.

    The new one is richer black and has black edge paint. I got it from Kiki.
    I really like buying things from her. It might be because of geography, but her packages arrive so fast.

    Anyway, I love my new Cecilia and it makes letting go of the blue one ok.

    See the difference?

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  8. Oops, SuLi, I forgot I was in one of your threads and just acted like I was in the regular Chat thread. Sorry!
  9. LOL nascar!
  10. ^^^:lol:I was wondering what was going on there girl!!!