Strange question...

  1. Hi! This might sound strange, so I hope someone knows what I am talking about. There are these handbags that have an, I guess you could say, atlas on them. Or map or globe type. I've seen all kinds of shapes and I have no idea where people get them. Everytime I see one and ask, they are from a different country. If anyone knows what I am talking about or someone knows where I can get one....please let me know. Thanks!!!
  2. I know exactly what you are talking about. They are Italian made and I saw them in Italy. They are called Alviero Martini and it looks like this...
    Alviero Martini Handbags and Wallets
  3. Wow! You are great. Do you know if this is a good site to purchase from?
  4. That I'm not sure, I was just looking for a picture to make sure I knew what you were talking about. Search around for sites he may have an official website. Actually, I think this might be the official website.

    Alviero Martini

    I looked at the stores, they don't have any listings for the USA...maybe somewhere in the UK or Italy you might be able to get it shipped to you if you can do a mail order?
  5. I found the one. But they have no stores here. This hurts a lot. What am I going to do????
  6. I like that one, if it is not too expensive I would call over to a British Store and see about having one shipped to the states possibly. THe shipping will be expensive because of the pounds but you might be able to do it that way. Or check around and maybe the first site I pulled up might be legit, it is in American dollars. I can tell you price wise they do run in the $200 + range. When I saw them in Italy they were pretty expensive. Maybe another forumite might know more. It looks like Zappos. com carries them sometimes.
  7. [​IMG]

    I likee this one! :yes: . Maybe you can find a store in one of the stores listed on their main website.
  8. I'm tired - I mean in one of the countries they have listed. Good night!

  9. Apparently, Raffaello Network (the store you have linked to ^) are legit.

    Which is just as well for me, as I bought a Prada Pochette from them a few years ago! :biggrin:
  10. Those are nice bags...
  11. Raffaello Network is legit, but their prices are sometimes a bit high.
  12. oh, good now you don't have to worry about Zappos or oversea shipping. THat is great news. Tell us which one you get and I hope you love it very much! Good luck. Glad to help. :yes:
  13. Thank you guys soooo much. Really appreciated the info. and if anything else comes up let me know.
  14. Try ebay, there are a lot listed there.