Strange question

  1. I just got this question about a bag I have on eBay.

    does the inner rivets on the handle have indents in them on both sides?

    Outside of the fact that English is not this person's strongsuit, can anyone tell me what they are asking me so I can actually answer it? I thought I knew a fair bit about b-bags but I have no idea what they want to know?
  2. I think she might be asking you about the notches? Though, it is really strange that someone would ask that - it would have made more sense if she'd asked for a picture.
  3. I see what she is talking about. Yes, if she is doubting authenticity, she should ask for pictures of the, huh?
  4. yes when I read the question, I definitely thought she was asking exactly what coutureObsessed indicated.
  5. She made me a lowball offer. lol
  6. Bummer!
  7. The market is so bad now, I am not surprised. When i was selling something I also got very very low offers. So low I was really very surprised.