Strange question/request for Speedy owners

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  1. Ladies, if any of you own a speedy 30 in mono or damier and/or mono in the 35 or 40 could you ask your husband/boyfriend/other male in the house to hold it and could you take a picture of it? (obviously you don't have to show their faces because if their straight they might be embarresd!) I'm seriously debating getting a larger speedy to use as like a small keepall sort of. I need a bag to bring like one set of clothes to and from shows when I'm performing in a show and/or to stay over one night at a friends and I haven't seen it in person but I think a keepall's a little large but I'm not sure if a speedy on a guy is too gay even for me?!?
  2. I saw a guy with a 30 and it was not too small how tall are you? The 35 might be hot too.
  3. I'm 6' tall, and yeah, I think I can rock it, I'm just not sure and wanted some opinions as well; Thanks for commenting :smile:
  4. I think the 35 would be a great size for you ( not too big, not too small and girly) for you!:yes:
  5. agreeeeeee

  6. Go for the 35. IMO the 30 would be a bit too small for a man.
  7. :roflmfao:

    I can't wait to see pictures!
  8. Now I want to see pictures lol/
    My DH is not home but I am sure he would try to stand weird or something to mock my request! ;)
    Anyone have a photo? I think a 35 would look great!
  9. Yeah, I really need to stop into the store to see them in person, maybe ask my sa to take pictures of me :roflmfao: but I just really haven't had time!
  10. the 40 would be nice...I have the 30 and find it small...I should of went with a minimum 35 or 40
  11. I'd probably get the keepall 45 with shoulder strap. :yes:
  12. even if I was to get a keepall I wouldn't get a shoulder strap, I don't like them on the keepalls!
  13. Yea, I agree that 35 or 40 would look great on a guy. :yes:
  14. If I were a guy I would definitely do this, and just get the one w/o the shoulder strap since you don't like those. I really think the speedy (my absolute favorite bag btw), while not necessarily the most feminine bag, is too feminine looking for a guy. The leather trim and the size of the 45 makes it look more masculine. I also think it will be a much more useful size because it will be able to accomodate clothes, shoes, toiletries, agenda, book, jacket, short umbrella, bottle of water etc. It's always nice to have a little extra room. You'll be using a piece like this years down the road.
  15. ^^^ I agree with shopping... go for a Keepall 45.