Strange question: Are there "fake" nine west shoes?

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  1. I have a few pairs of nine west shoes. I also see a lot advertised on classifieds, usually they're going for 60-80$.
    I found one for a really good price, and normally the shoes retail in the stores between $120 and $70 when on sale, kind of like aldo and town shoes shoes.

    My question: are there fake nine wests? Because the new ones I purchased have a strange sole, and it says made in china and some other stuff on it. Doesn't look anything like the others I have. Also it has a strange looking insole (foamy and cheap) with the letters nine west but anyone can print that.

    I feel if these are fakes then I paid too much for them too. This day is going crazy.
  2. wow, that does not soung good. I have never seen them faked but i would not be sirprised, they fake everything these days
  3. I'm sure I saw some fake Nine West shoes on the streets selling only counterfeit clothing and shoes in Beijing.
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    WOW! I'm so shocked. Here in Canada we have pacific mall, and it's the largest asian mall in Canada. Dont' get me wrong because I love going there every now and then for a bubble tea but I've seen a lot of fake bags, labels, and clothes. I wouldn't be surprised if it came from there.

  5. Some pics of the nine west shoes I have..

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  6. More of mine bought from TJMAXX type store and Nine west boutique.

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  7. Ones in Question.... they just look "cheap".. anyone else think so?

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    If you notice the stuff on the sole looks totally different, it looks thin, it's flimpsy and bumpy between the base and the heel.. all the other nine west shoes I've seen have a really solid sole.

    The writting seems all weird, and the threads around the top of the shoe and in the back are coming undone.

    I'm not looking for authentication so I hope no one refers me to the authentication thread. I just thought I'd post pics so that other people can be aware. I know nine west isn't high end and they rip off almost ALL the designer styles but it's funny to see the nine west knock-offs.

    What a waste of 30 bucks that I could have put towards my mackage, designer sunnies or birkin.

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  9. I see Nine West cheaply at discount TJMaxx type stores in the US, and more pricey in department stores but it's also funny what can be counterfeited in other countries because it is considered "American".

    For example I have seen fake Guess and fake Polo items in other countries for sale in roadside stands.

    I don't know about your Nine West, I have found that the quality can vary amongst different shoes form that brand, and there also even used to be a diffusion line but I forget what it was called.
  10. Same here, my bronze ones were $20 at TJMAXX and even though they hurt my feet at first, now that I've worn them a bit they're great and I just love them because they go with everything.

    I love shoes so whenever I see some really cheap ones (20 or 30$) from nine west/aldo/town shoes or miss sixty I stock up. But this time I think I really missed the mark if they're fake, but they just seem SO cheap to me, and what gets to me is that if I wanted a fake pair I could have gone and got them myself for probably a lot less. (not that I would)

    Oh well.
  11. I don't think they are fake. I like nine west (I'm too hard on my shoes to spend hundreds of dollars on them except of course my frye boots :love: ) but that brand can be hit or miss.. especially the ones that end up at TJMaxx (Winners here) and at the outlet stores.

  12. Ok so maybe you can answer my other question :smile: Where to buy frye boots in Canada, Toronto esp. ?

    I know what you mean, I like nine west though I feel they're overpriced in the boutiques so that's why I take advantage of a sweet deal.
  13. I always buy my frye boots online. Revolve usually has some on sale and I've bought them off ebay too. It's a bit of a pain tracking down a good deal in my size, but I have been pretty open to trying different styles other than what is most popular. Also, google sundance catalogue because I believe they also ship to Canada and have some styles on sale.
  14. Ohhh ok, that's good. I was looking on ebay and they had some good stuff, do they need to be authenticated too because there are fakes out there or no?

    I wear size 9, and somehow it always seems than smaller sizes are more plentiful out there.

    Side note: the owner of the nine wests said she bought them from the US from nine west store. I also went out to check out stores like TJMAXX and there are a lot of different variations of the shoes, so I'm assuming these are just a cheaper pair.
  15. They make fake everything these days, and while the pair you got are probably fine, I'm sure there are fake Nine West shoes out there somewhere.

    My husband bought batteries at a dollar store and they turned out to be fake. Why would someone even go through the trouble of producing and packaging fake batteries?