Strange Pre-Order Question

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  1. If you put something on pre-order status at Pulse for example, do you have to buy it?
    I am thinking of preordering something for the future, but I don't want to have to buy something I don't want..given that some of the swatches aren't that great and all!

    if this has been answered i apologize and I know it's probably silly to ask.
  2. No, you don't. For Spiaggia, I preordered the zucca and BV (and was waitlisted for the denaro) because I didn't know which one I wanted. After looking at the photos Casey sent me, I only bought the denaro and zucca and she was fine with it. They're super helpful and understanding. And I'm sure it was no loss for them because I'm sure someone else bought the BV. Just remember to ask Casey to send you pix to get the final "okay" before she charges you and sends it out!
  3. thank you so much. I won't be near a city with toki until Mid August really! This may work well!
  4. What are you thinking of preordering? I recently preordered the Tutti bambinone and denaro. I thought about getting the zucca, since I looooove that style, but that's just a huge canvas of white begging to get dirty!!
  5. i was thinking a tutti in ciao i want to see that print on a bag first, badly. haha. i love the idea of it. maybe a bambinone too, who knows!

    ...and a transporto in maybe a trenino if i don't get one first, think luggage with transportion is delightfully nerdy combined.

    but since a trenino is so pricey, probably a bambinone or a ciao ciao then.

    too many choices! hehe.
  6. I already pre-ordered an Aventura and a Ciao Ciao in Tutti and a Campeggio and a Gioco in Trasporto..... I'm wondering though if I should pre-order more?! Hahahahaah we still have time, i'm just so anxious! A sample pic of the print on the bag would be so helpful!
  7. agreed!

    i just want to see how much white is really on it when it's fully on a bag, because if it's too much i ''ll want a smaller bag!
  8. Yup! I don't want to have a bag bigger than the bv that is massively white!
  9. hehe. i cannot wait. but i hope my money issues subside by then!
  10. where are u preordering from and how do you know what the prints look like???
  11. Hahahah Addicts know where to get their junk!

    Just kidding. not really Hahhahaha.... we pre-order from pulse and if you search the internet, you can find the famiglia, tutti, and trasporto prints.