strange pm

  1. i am not very tech savy and i got a pm that i hope did not lead me someplace i didn't want to go. i felt it was safe to open but maybe it was not. did anybody else get a pm that took them to a site but no message? thanks!
  2. no, sorry! But was the site bad or something?
  3. who was it from?
  4. Oh if you think it is bad, then you might just tell a mod or something.
  5. got one for had a bunch of videos on it
  6. is what it was
  7. eeeks seems like spam to me..........
  8. sent by wcangel
  9. thanks for the responses. it was from someone who had number of posts 0. i did not notice that until i went back to look it over after it took me to some how to make a purse site. i just didn't understand why a pm would take you to a site like that.
  10. yes wcangle. is this spam?
  11. ho hum.

    spam spam spam.

    i seem to recall someone advertising that site before?
  12. yes:yes:
  13. I got the same PM but didn't click on the link in case something happened. Thought I would check here first. Glad I did.
  14. Yes! Just now. I didn't open it, but came here to ask the same question. The person ( wcangel ) had NO posts on tPF, but yet it was signed - The Purse Forum! I'm going to delete the thing, because I punched on a link once that was on a forum and my computer at the time "died" within a few weeks, and a violent 'death' at that.

    My guess is that they're going to send it to everyone who is on here at this time. I'd be careful, everyone...
  15. Yeah I got that pm also, I didn't open the link either.