strange photoes with hermes..

  1. can you post your photoes with hermes things? like animal photoes or christmast tree with hermes boxes under? later i post my pics.... plz forgive my english... I'm italian..:wtf:
  2. Miky90,
    I will definately post my Christmas tree photos with Hermes boxes under it.
    I cant wait!!!:yahoo::nuts::smile:
    (excuse me, that is providing I will get any :graucho:)
    What do you mean about the animals?? do you mean pets???
    As soon as I get my tree up, I will post some pics!!!
  3. yes..... I've one with my cat into the box... tomorrow I post it... now its late... I've to go to bed...
  4. My friends thinks any photos focusing on Hermes things are strange... :sad:
  5. Get new friends! :lol:
  6. Okay...this was an accident. A Forum member requested photo's of my VL Birkin. While obliging the request, DD (dear dog) got lonesome and foisted himself into photo op...
  7. ^^ cute! There is a pets and H thread somewhere...with our cuties! Here is mine... Tallulah, wearing a plisse:

  8. Too cute both pics:heart: Rose, I think Tallulah's collar days are over!
  9. I cant found my photoes now... I cant found it...... and under the xmas tree?