Strange Offers!

  1. I have a bag listed with a Best Offer option. I've gotten two best offers (pitifully low might I add) on it. Nothing unusual there, right? Well both the buyers are from eBay Motors and sell nothing but auto parts!!! How weird is that??

    I don't think anything fishy is going on, I just found it hysterical that I'd be getting offers from "car guys" on a handbag!! :roflmfao:
  2. could those be hijacked accounts? :shrugs: ....then again, I think hijacked accounts usually just do a BIN instead of making offers... What bag do you have that is so appealing to "car guys"? :roflmfao:
  3. wait...I heard something about a similar case..and I can't remember what it was specifically, other than it was a scam of some sort. But I remember it had to do with a buyer who was selling auto parts....crap! I post again if I can remember where I heard it and the details.
  4. ^^^Doesn't really matter, I countered their sad little offers with a price so high they'd never accept it! Both the sellers seem legit. They are actively selling and have good feedback. One had been around for several years the other was sort of new, but still had been selling quite a bit.

    Let me know if you find that just in case. I do NOT want that bag going to anyone but a real bag lover!
  5. here's a question
    if you counter, but then another buyer comes in higher and you accept, but then the org buyer accepts the counter....does that even work? or if you accept a higher offer from buyer 2, does the counter offer become void?

    Does that make sense?

    I do hate getting lowball offers though. I was offered $10 for a $1100 michael kors bag
  6. the auction ends when the seller accepts the offer.
  7. You know what I've noticed? A couple of the pieces I've purchased in the past have been from sellers who also deal in auto parts lol. They're legit though. Oh well.

    And speaking of lowball offers, court811, I had 2 auctions of a pair of shoes that were $88 apiece in the stores. I started them at $50, then lowered them after not selling them 3 times to $30. So after that, some lady emails me about one of the pairs and says something like, "I noticed you hadn't sold these, I'd like to buy them for $15." Uh no.
  8. It could mean that they are buying for someone else who don't have an eBay account. My husband did that for his friend.
  9. I suspect they may be the same individual with two seperate usernames (which is common).
  10. oops, never finished my thought on that...
    Since both offers were STUPID low offers it is possible that one individual with two accounts decided to throw two lowballs at you hoping that you will think that is what kind of offers you will receive on it and accept. I know it sounds rediculous but it happens. Again it is not uncommon to posess more than one account. Some use one account to buy and the other to sell.
  11. ^^^I guarantee you that a brand new designer bag that retails for $1800 plus tax is NOT leaving MY house for $450!! I'll keep the bag until hell freezes over before I give it away.

    The byotch in me wants to reply to their pitiful offers and tell them if they want Walmart prices, they should shop at Walmart.

  12. it happens...
  13. Maybe they were trying to buy for a girlfriend or family member who is female.
  14. Hahahaha! Thats what my eBay account looks like, all car parts :smile: We sell lots of cars and we buy a lot to tear apart and sell the parts on ebay.
  15. It happened to me too, I had a brand new $1150 bag on sale and someone offered me $275 for it!