Strange. My Galet City has a silver tag AND a leather tag with BALENCIAGA imprint.

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  1. I'll post pictures when I can, but I was just fussing around with my new Galet City from HGBags and I noticed something strange. Probably a defect, but I don't really care either way since this bag is a keeper and authentic. It's just interesting! :noworry:

    Under where my silver plate is stitched onto; the leather tag has BALENCIAGA.PARIS on it as well. You know how the leather tag usually doesn't say anything on it if its on the 04 and newer Firsts and 04 and newer Citys (because there is a silver plate)? My leather tag has a stamp on it too! So if I pulled the silver plate off, I would still see BALENCIAGA.PARIS stamped on.

    I think it was a mistake, like whomever made the bag grabbed a leather tag with imprint instead of without, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has the same thing on their F/W 2009 bags?

    Check people, check!
  2. Interesting. Maybe this will make your bag more rare and desirable....the elusive double tagged city! :graucho:
  3. ^^ Haha! I wish!

    I think the numbers are wrong too, but I can't be sure until I do some research on tPF. Someone really dropped the ball on this one. :lol:
  4. OOOooo photos! CRazy!
  5. I just checked mine and its plain leather under there. You are probably right that they just grabbed the wrong piece of leather for the tag. I think it is an interesting anomaly but not one that would bother me at all.
  6. I'm out now and have my officier with me. It was pretty tough checking underneath since silver plate is attached. Surprisingly theres Balenciaga imprint on the leather tag as well! :nuts:

    I'll check the rest when I get home...
  7. There are all sorts of weird bags coming out from the Bal factory these days! Have you heard about the RH Works without feet? Randomly, some of the FW09 Works are being produced without feet, while others still have them. Bizarre.

  8. Wow! You too huh? We're defective-tag-twins! LOL.
  9. Wow, I would LOVE to see pics!
  10. I just went to look at mine. And YES. My Galet Work has the BALENCIAGA.PARIS on the leather tag under the silver tag. AND my SS09 Black City has the same!

    So maybe it's not a defect. Could be a new security feature? My City was bought from a Bal store, the FW Work from Erica. Numbers on both are fine.
  11. FYI, numbers on my tags:

    SS09 Black City
    metal plate: N 11137 R, 115748
    leather tag: 115748 002128

    FW09 Galet WORK
    metal plate: N 01013 Q, 132110
    leather tag: 132110 1669

    I would take pics but I'm late for work! :lol:
  12. #12 Jul 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2009

    Yes we are! :lol:

    So I'm home now and..

    09 without Balenciaga Imprint on leather tag under silver plate:
    S/S Black (^^bag-gage)

    Seems like poor Ms Officier is the odd one out :thinking:

    I tried to take some pictures:
    It is tough to take the imprints itself:

    but you can see it from reflection on the underside of silver plate:

    I never noticed until now, thanks RERE for pointing out! Were you siting around just caressing Ms Galet? :graucho:
  13. sweetlust - My SS09 Black City DOES have the BALENCIAGA.PARIS imprint on the leather tag. My Galet Work has it too.
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    ^ Yeah and mine doesn't. Maybe its quality control :noggin:

    Edit: Did you get yours from Hilton?
  15. oh sorry, I thought you said yours had the imprint as well - you mean your Officier has and your Black doesn't?

    Yup mine was from Hilton.