Strange logo/serial code stamping (flaws?) on Antigona from Neiman Marcus

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I recently purchased two mini Antigonas from NM online. They are both from the same year based on the serial code but from different locations. The stamping of the "Givenchy" and the serial code on tag of one of them looks very strange to me and different from other Antigona tags that I've seen. The "Givenchy made in Italy" is placed so low down on the front of the tag and the serial code stamping is so faint that you can barely see/feel it. The stamping in my other Antigona feels and looks much deeper and more like what I've seen in photos online.

    The handles on this weirdly stamped Antigona are also slightly misaligned, too!

    I'm a little worried (read: paranoid) that someone purchased the bag from NM and returned a superfake - but of course I don't want to jump to conclusions, so I thought I would run this by the lovely people here! Other than these two things, the two Antigonas look identical, and the quality feels identical too. Do you think this could just be a flawed bag (in which case I don't really care about the odd stamping, as I never resell my bags anyway)?

    Photos of the weird Givenchy code (you can see without flash that it is almost invisible):
    AntigonaCode1.jpg AntigonaCode2.jpg

    Photos of the weird Givenchy stamp (with and without flash; with flash you can see better how low down the stamp is): AntigonaTag1.jpg AntigonaTag2.jpg

    Photos of the misaligned handles (the left one is a bit crooked if you look closely):
    AntigonaHandle1.jpg AntigonaHandle2.jpg

    Thanks for your opinions in advance!
  2. I dont think you should worry in this case. Also, i cant even see the handle difference.
  3. Thanks! I guess whoever made this particular bag was having an off day haha. It is otherwise perfect, and I am so excited to own an Antigona finally!

    (And yes, there is probably a 1mm or so difference if you look in person. No one would notice though. I was just staring at the bag too long because I was worried about the inner tag!)
  4. Actually, the more I look, the more concerned I am. The "Paris" on the dustbag for this bag is thicker than for the other bag. The metal "Givenchy" logo on the front of the bag is thinner, too! I think I will return this one just for peace of mind.
  5. Serial # can be faked, but much harder when it comes to feel, touch and smell of leather. But since you are seeing more "issues", returning for your peace of mind is worth it.
  6. Just out of curiosity, could these things be normal variation between authentic bags? I can understand the stamping or even stitching being a bit off, but I'm not sure how the metal lettering could be different (especially since they are both 2018 bags). I measured the "I" and the spine of the "E" on the suspect bag, and they are actually just the tiniest bit thinner. I just checked the leather swatches, too, and the suspect bag's swatch is a small pinch thinner, too! But the leather and feel of the bags are identical!

    I think I will return anyway, but just wondering! Thank you!
  7. Certainly a possibility, craftsmanship and quality aren't what they used to be, even at thousands of dollars prices, and it goes up too.

    Thats why I wont easily sell my earlier collections from Givenchy to pay for a new one unless I no longer love it.