Strange Koobas on Ebay

  1. Boy, they are all out on Parade this week! I went through all the Koobas on eBay and there is an odd assortment of some Older styles, and plain strange looking ones. You have to go through all the listings to find them because most don't have names on them. I saw Tweed Beige and Tweed Tan Koobas, An embroidered flowery Kooba, a wooden framed one, there are several Daniellas and Alex's in Fuschia, There's Gold Lisette's, a Suede Plum Franscesca, and for those who want to try to ReVamp an older Kooba, here is a Chelsea that we discussed in another thread. Looks kinda like a Sienna without the whipstitching. Looks like it's a good candidate for refurbishing and only 14.99.

    eBay: LADIES KOOBA NICE BROWN LEATHER HANDBAG PURSE NR (item 110104182133 end time Mar-23-07 10:48:39 PDT)

    And OC I am not sure all of these are actual Koobas or if that is just the catchall name everyone is using now to try to sell their bags.
  2. Not knowing much about them, I always assumed they were ALL leather bags- none of thoe fabrics, etc. I saw on in a thread last week that was some kind of blue tweedy looking fabric- to me looked so fake. Did they really (and do they still) make non-leather Koobas ??:shame:
  3. If most of these are real, they were old Koobas (pre-2004). After that they made bags similar to what we are used to.
  4. The Chelsea is the bigger version of the Kim bag. I know I will try to post pictures up soon. I think that eBay one is the Tatum in Rust.
  5. Can't be a Tatum in Rust because here's mine. It's from a boutique so I know it's definately a Tatum.



    Well after a better look, maybe it is. Then it is way more beat up than I thought it was because mine looks much better. Goes to show how you could effectively sell a bag better on ebay if you took the effort to stuff it and show some angle to it.
  6. aw lex that blue one is precious. i'm so nervous to buy a kooba from anyone else other than!
  7. It is as if they are on Easter Parade, all the colors of the rainbow.

    Now I am just waiting on a tie-dyed leather Kooba. Any day now....
  8. You get your tie-dyed, then I get my patchwork plaid ...
  9. Nah, too small for me and I am not a fan of suede due to it's upkeep, but it's so darn cute. One of you buy it! I've done my share of buying! I just called my ebay seller telling him to order me a Nina in Slate and a Nicole in Rose. Yes, I know I am getting the luggage one anyday but I love that Rose. If I decide not to keep them both, I'll just resell one.
    Plus I will be getting the Pink Alex tomorrow from Bluefly! And my Bonnie will be coming in. Then I quit....I think. I've done my part to line Koobas Pockets!

  10. Forget lining their pockets - girl, you need to become a shareholder!!! ;)
  11. Somehow I cannot imagine my husband (as nice as he is) taking his PNC stock and putting it into Kooba!! LOL That sounds just like a Becky Bloomfieild Move out of the Shopoholic Series! BTW, I just finished Shopoholic & Baby and Becky is as Ditzy and charming as ever. When the financer told her to buy Gold....she bought Tiffany bracelets!! :roflmfao:
  12. Good heavens, that pink snakeskin bag.

    What WERE they thinking??