Strange, ironic TiVo suggested!

  1. So, I just sat down with glass of wine, my laptop for tPF and the boob tube....

    ...hmmmm, Tivo is suggesting something....usually I just hit cancel the recording, but I see the title is "birthday" I hit info:

    Cue twilight zone music....

    From TiVo: Absolutley Fabulous: Birthday. Edna's 40th birthday depresses her.

    OMG! :nuts: How funny is that!
  2. LOL! That is so cool! A birthday message from Tivo lolol!! Bet you were surprised!
  3. I was! Especially since I don't watch that show, so TiVo suggesting it was really out of the blue!
  4. How funny! Thats cool.
  5. Twilight Zone music is right! How funny though :roflmfao:.... BTW Happy Birthday, Tink and thanks for all you do around here :heart:!
  6. WOW, that is very funny. Sometimes things like that happens to me and I feel weird.
  7. That is toooooo weird!!!! LOL