Strange -help- Nordstrom Purchase!

  1. I Ordered A Baby Paddy From Nordstrom San Diego On May 2nd And I Still Haven't Received It .(i Know I Just Purchased An Edith And The Guilt Is Killing Me )but The Strangest Thing Happened The Sa Called To See If I Received It And When I Told Her I Hadn't She Said She Was Going To Track The Package. Has Anyone That Purchased From Nordstrom Had The Sa Follow Up To See If The Package Was Recieved? It Seemed Like She Expected That I Had Not Received It.
    Sorry This Is The Last Time I Will Use All Caps
  2. Yes, the Nordstrom s/a who sold me the Chamois Edith I just returned called to follow up on receipt of the bag. It is customary and courteous and I actually like it when they care enough to call. I don't think she expected that you didn't receive it; she probably was more interested in whether or not you were happy with it.

    DHL is the carrier Nordstrom uses, and I personally don't care for them. It took almost two weeks for a ground package to reach me in MA from CA. I really thought they sent it by boat... and then to have the bag arrive defective. Grrr!
  3. Thanks roey! It is so nice to get answers on this board. I ordered the paddy because i wanted a small bag to use when I am not using the edith but I am not sure if it is the right choice for me. But I certainly would like to see it in person.
  4. I wouldn't panic just yet. It's only the 10th. Anything I've ever ordered from Nordstrom has taken at least a week to arrive.
  5. It's not unusually at all, especially on the high ticket items. :blink: Gosh, you guys are patient! I can't wait that long, more then 3 days drives me nuts so, I pay alittle extra and always get it in two days:rolleyes:! The SAs and customer service at Nordstrom are excellent, love their service, compared to the highend stores.
  6. I actually had an incident with Nordstrom where a pair of shoes that I had ordered and that was in stock arrived ONE MONTH later. Even they were unsure as to what had happened to it along the way and just when they decided to credit my card for the purchase and declare it lost, it showed up on my doorstep!!!
  7. Shipping from Nordy's can be slow depending on each store's shipping department. Larger stores that ship out more seem to be slower at getting shipments actually ON the DHL truck... Usually, they require a signature if it's over a certain amount--so you should be ok. Hang in there, the SA is just being courteous and wants to make sure you liked the bag.