Strange habit

  1. I've noticed that I now have a strange habit. I have started looking at everyday objects, like cars on the road or clothes people wear, and trying to guess what Marc Jacobs purse color most resembles that object. In fact, I would describe my kitchen table as "nutmeg" and my couch as "espresso". Is there a way I can snap out of this?
  2. :rolleyes: There's nothing you can're addicted!!! Welcome to my world!!
  3. ROFL!!! This is the best idea ever!! I definitely have a "maroon" couch and a "espresso" table!! You are too funny bag-addict!
  4. LOL bag-addict!! That's so cute!! Let me see if I can play along...

    My bedroom furniture is Tapioca.
    My car is Emerald just like my zip clutch.

    My dog is sorta Cashew. :p
  5. I'm so glad that I'm not alone! I think that tPF's Spring Time color scheme is mostly cherry blossom with lilac highlights; however, I need to take a break from this site for a minute and use my spearmint garden hose to water my flowers.
  6. HAHA you guys are crazy!! :o)
  7. LOL.... I love the way you think!! My car is brick red and my couch is caramel.
  8. Is this similar to my problem of Stams invading my dreams all night???
  9. HAHAHA this thread made me laugh so hard! you girls are hilarious!

    i have nutmeg living room furniture and chestnut table. =)
  10. every since i read this thread last night i have been doing the same thing!!

    i saw a peacock blue transfer truck on my way home while ago!!
  11. As I drove my mouse car into work today, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful denim sky overhead. I was feeling good about the day until I reached my oatmeal cubicle and graphite desk chair. Oh--to be free to enjoy the sap green and emerald environment outside. At least I could enjoy the maroon flowers in the cafeteria. Maybe tomorrow I will go shopping.....
  12. ^
  13. I think since I'm addicted to MJ I start becoming really detail with colors. Every color has its name. No, that's not purple. It's maroon. No, it's not orange. It's salmon. That is canary and that is saffron.
  14. OMG, I can't believe another person does this too! I bought my Denim MP, and the next morning walked to my car, and realized, "Wow, my Volvo is denim with an oatmeal interior" I thought I was losing my mind..well, actually I guess I am...but it's so fun.
  15. LMAO! :roflmfao: