Strange H Questions...Or Things You Wonder About but Were Afraid to Ask...

  1. Thinking about the "magic" of H bag "unveiling"...

    Are boxes ever re-plasticized (a word?) after they have been opened?
  2. I don't think so, my SAs have shown me various bags from boxes that are not plasticised !

    As long as the bag is from the store, it has to be new.
    Don't think they will go through the trouble of re-plasticizing it for another client :confused1:
  3. i dunno......i was fortunate to actually see a box being unveiled in front of me, plastic and all. that was an exciting feeling.

    but what the heck, i still get excited just by opening an orange box, plastic or no plastic!
  4. no sorry SoCal, in paris we've never "re-plasticized" the orange box... :smile:
    If we do that ,Hermes will pay a person to do it full time :roflmfao: . But don't worry the staff are very carefuly with the bags and others stuff. :flowers:

  5. SP, in Paris do the SAs handle the bags with gloves on? Do they ask the customers do the same?
  6. the SAs never handle the bags with gloves. we have sometimes one exception : when we show a birkin in croc and diamants, some SAs use white gloves. (like in the jewelry department)
  7. Thanks SP! One of these days I will visit Paris. How good are the chances of me coming across a plastic-sealed orange box?

    I have this thing about opening the plastic myself.:sweatdrop:
  8. SpecialistParis - do you know the name of the string thing that holds the keys and key cover? Does it have a special name? Slightly offtopic but another strange H question!
  9. Kou, I was thinking of you when I asked the question. BB (Before Birkin), I was looking at a bolide on display. I asked the SA if any other colors were available in stock. She brought 3 boxes from the back, took off the plastic and I looked at the bags. I decided to wait for the birkin... I like to be a thoughtful/respectful shopper and did not really think about other's "unveiling" preferences.

    Now, I love my birkin, but am not sure if a kelly would "fit" me or not. I would probably only try on display bags to figure this out...

    That said, I am perfectly comfortable with a "display" bag or a bag w/o plastic purchase as long as it comes directly from H. I am slightly OCD/paranoid about authenticity and know I could never buy from another source.

    SP, Thanks for confirmation of processes.

    Liz and SP, Is there a key cover that is fit for a "custodian"...that is, it handles a "wad" of keys? (I must have 10-15 keys on my current holder...I need to carry at least 6-10 on a regular basis, ugh!)
  10. I suggested dumping all the big keys into a Karo clutch inside your bag on another thread...I have huge key things remotes etc. and I have a LV epi black thing with a chain on it but my keys do not fit inside the case that the chain hangs on so I put my driver's license in there and those stupid grocery store cards and then I dump the whole thing into an open makeup case (without makeup) in my bag if I am being conscientious which I am not always! Do you use all 6-10 keys every day? If not then you could have two rings and hence two Hermes purchases!
  11. Yes, I carry 6-10 minimum every day on my main ring with a second set of 6-ish on a ring in my office (but don't carry H to the office, receive more than enough comments on Chanel/LV)...
  12. Good question!
    I can't picture what your describe... aieaie...
    can you give more infos?
  13. I can't carry any LV, Hermes, or Chanel into the office either. The only namebrands I can get away with at the office are probably Coach and Dooney & Bourke, but I don't have those.
  14. Ok Specialist will try - on birkins, kellys and her bags there is a leather strip that you loop around the handle and on the end of that strip the keys are looped onto it to attach to the strip. On top of the keys is a cover - part of this is called the clochette but the part that is the leather strip may have a different name. the clochette might be just the piece of leather that is wrapped around the keys. Is this helpful? It is the name of the leather strip with the open ovals at both ends that I need the name of as I need a new one and don't want to sound dumb when I write a note to Claude/Pierre in NYC
  15. SCAl - that epi leather key/card case I got from LV holds a lot of keys on a gold contraption but you have to use metal o rings on each of the key sets to attach to the gold contraption as keys don't actually fit on it LOL - I don't know what Hermes has but my LV thing holds two huge remotes and 4 other keys (without the remotes 6 keys would maybe fit into the case that is attached to it - costs about $200 bucks at LV
    edited part would hold 10 keys no problem and it's pretty and holds up really well