Strange food combinations

  1. Anyone have any "recipes" they'd like to share?

    My current favorite is to eat salted macedamia nuts with green olives (from the olive bar, not the jarred or canned ones.) Put 1 olive/2 nuts in your mouth at the same time. Yum
  2. hehe I have a number of these:

    -Greek Black olives and whole milk
    -Green Black olive Juice with whole milk (yummy!!!)
    -I'll mix cabbage cooked in vinegar and dill with grits, some bacon, and stick it all on top of a sour cream biscuit
    -Pickled okra with whole milk
    -LOVE cucumber flavored water, I could drink it forever
    -Water with chopped frozen strawberries, lemon, and peaches stuffed into the bottle
    -Goat cheese on cucumbers with toasted walnut pieces on top
    -Feta cheese w/cream cheese stuffed into a banana pepper and good!!!

    Hah this one grosses SO out, though I've only done it twice as a teen when I had strep throat and couldn't eat well:

    I'd put a Taco Bell taco in the blender and puree it and drink it with a straw, or some of their nachos in a blender, pureed and also consumed via straw :biggrin: It's tex mex, it all mixes, tastes the same, lol
    • Baked potato and ranch dressing.
    • French fries and tartar sauce.

  3. :drool: I love those combos
    • Butterscotch and potato chips
    • Ice and bubblegum
  4. OMG that is hilarious!!! I almost had to do that when I had braces!
  5. I eat mustard w/ EVERYTHING!

    especially a lot w/ mac n cheese!!!

    not weird but it's REALLY good!!!
  6. grapes with chocolate pudding
    tuna [canned] with mac n cheese yum!
    ditto on the baked potato with ranch... ranch makes everything taste better. i also do ketchup on baked potatoes. i've heard salsa is good too.
  7. I love potato chip sandwiches. White bread, wavy lays, american cheese, and barbecue sauce...
  8. I grew up in south Texas and could buy gigantic size dill pickles everywhere. My sister and I would buy our pickle and a bag of popcorn. Take a bite of the pickle and add a few popcorn kernels to taste. Yummy!!!
  9. Eiswine "Red" (Inniskillin, my fav) paired with cheese cake and chocolate! OMG!!! Intense!
  10. Try it.
    Pan-fry sliced artichoke + steamed salmon fillet (serving with tartar sauce apart). Yummy!

  11. french fries with bbq sauce
  12. I like nilla wafers and block cheddar cheese! :smile:
  13. I never thought of this as weird until I started telling people about it and found nobody else eats their oatmeal this way. I have to have peanut butter in my oatmeal. My brother thinks it's totally normal too since our mom used to make it that way. However, whenever I mention eating pb in my oatmeal to someone they think it is weird.