Strange experience at my Coach store today ++

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  1. So I stopped in to do a Factory charge send. I wanted the Large City Saffiano Tote and finally found one last one in Michigan (every other location I called had none, and they checked their districts for me).

    I have done charge sends in the past, and I've always gone to the Coach retail store in my mall and done it that way. Today, my usual SA wasn't there, and the girl who was there was so unbelievably rude to me.

    First, she tried telling me multiple times, that there is no such thing as charge send and they have never done that for anyone. I finally had to tell her that Sara (my usual SA), has done it for me multiple times.

    Then, she copped an attitude with me and went and helped 3 different customers and made me wait. So, I waited. I really want this bag and have been searching for it. Then she said they wouldn't have held it for me, which they did. She begrudgingly called them, finally filled out all the paperwork, and sent it over. She insisted they can't ship it to my house, and have to ship it to the store. I said fine, even though in the past I had it shipped to my house. Why am I paying $10? I requested she call me when it was all completed and she never did.

    I called back a couple hours later, and found out they charged my card the full price plus tax and shipping. I said, this was an outlet purchase, so it should be the outlet price plus tax and shipping.

  2. No excuse for rudeness.

    That said - you've been very fortunate thus far to get a FP store to do an outlet location's job for you. Frankly, if I were one of those FP customers in the store, and you took up her time and made ME wait, I'd be quite livid.
  3. hmmm....I have never done a charge send from a FP Coach store for an outlet purchase. But still it is COMING from an outlet! I know I had received a handbag from an outlet - via charge send. I wasn't 100% happy with it and of course it was deleted. I stopped into a FP store after being told via email numerous times I could go in, drop off the one I received, and have a replacement sent to me at NO EXTRA $$.

    Not the case, they wanted to charge me FP! So, I skipped it. I wish if a handbag was truly deleted that they would sell it at that price no matter what.

    Good luck with your charge send!
  4. Shouldn't it be first come, first serve? Considering I have spent quite a bit at that retail location, to the point where my SA calls me for every PCE, etc, I don't think I was expecting such nasty attitude from another SA.
  5. Yes, I think my SA is just nice to me, based on the other response as well. Well, someone could have told me nicely, and I would've driven the hour to my outlet for it.
  6. I am sure this occurred to you already. I bet she had it shipped to their store - like they were ordering it and received credit for the sale. Usually with charge sends the store that has it in stock receives the sale.

    If you have made a lot of purchases there I do not see any harm - unless Coach has changed their policy.
  7. Very true...just communicate versus being rude and handling it poorly.
  8. Yeah, I don't mind picking it up at the store, that's not a big deal to me. I minded the rude attitude. Maybe, they changed their policy, but don't tell me it's "never ever been done" when I've done it many times! I've purchased from that location so many times, I even asked for my SA multiple times, because I would have came back for her, had she been on break. She's the manager of the location too. I think I am going to call her and talk to her Monday, just to figure out what exactly happened.
  9. You should talk to the manager because, regardless of the situation, if you are polite to the SA there is never any excuse for rudeness. I consider myself a very polite person but I can "go there" if someone is rude to me for no reason.

    I've done one Charge Send from a Factory Store. I purposely went 45 minutes before closing since it's a very busy outlet. I had 2 SA's and the store manager helping me because there was no one else in the store (the store manager called for the item, one SA filled out the form, and another rung me up). The manager wanted both SA's to learn the process so they were all involved. The whole transaction including calling the store with the item took 15 minutes.
  10. I'm confused. Why didn't you do an outlet transaction through an outlet?

    If I want to purchase a bag at an outlet price, I go to the outlet. If I buy a FP bag, I go to the Boutique store. But that's just me, I guess.
  11. Outlet is a hour away, FP is 10 minutes away, and my SA has always done it for me. The first time I went to the outlet, and the next time I was telling my SA about it at the FP store, and she said why didn't I just do it through her instead of driving so far? So since then, I've gone to her, without problems. Until now. Lol
  12. My usual SA at the store is the manager, so I think I am going to. Only to find out what happened. Coach has been doing a lot of changes, so this could just be a new change
  13. I would talk to the manager..... there is and was not any reason for being treated rude.
  14. I absolutely think you were right and I don't think it matters where you're ordering from. The coach name is the coach name and they all get their paychecks from the same corporation. Making you wait while she helped 3 other people is inexcusable. EVEN if they "shouldn't" be doing for the outlet you are still a paying coach customer and should be treated with respect at ANY and EVERY coach store. I don't understand why anyone would be "livid". Isn't life too short to become livid over something like this? As for the SA? If she doesn't want her job because she can't do it kindly or respectfully there are PLENTY of people in this economy who'd be lining up for the chance to have a job.
  15. +1