Strange eBay question

  1. I just received an awesome bag that I bought on eBay.
    The thoughtful seller, who also packed the bag very nicely, included some yummy-looking Halloween candy!
    Would you eat them? It's in the original package and I love chocolate! I'm just about to break it open and enjoy some tPF reading.
    I was just wondering what people here would do. Eat them or not?
  2. No. Sorry, but it kinda grosses me out. It could be perfectly fine, but it just bugs me.:yucky:
  3. Very thoughtful and okay for someone you know. If you don't know who she is then I would just pass..
  4. You let your kids take packaged candy from strangers on Halloween. She is just trying to be nice I am guessing.
  5. I think she's just trying to be nice.

    Now if it wasn't halloween, i'd be very confused :confused1:
  6. I'm one of those who throws the candy out.
  7. If it is in original packaging-I say go for it! you let yoru kids eat Halloween candy from trick or treating (I am assuming here)-this is the same thing-enjoy!
  8. If they came in their original candy packaging, I'd say go for it! But if it's been rewrapped or doesn't look right, chuck 'em! :P
  9. i would assume it'd be okay to eat. i'm sure she's just one of the few really nice sellers out there. :smile:
  10. Gosh, I've had lots of sellers that send "gimmes" with the things I've bought. I can't recall if I ate the candies or not, but as the others said it's no different than Halloween..... except YOU have her name and address. :greengrin:
  11. haha i ve been in this situation b4...i sold a lady a bag before and she sent me cash in the mail with some extras: HOME MADE SOAP?! ..a pack of tissues, some skin care samples and some lotion.

    but the cnady---no way. dont eat it. lol :Push:
  12. What a thoughtful seller! I'd be a little wary if the candy was not in its original packaging...but if it is, I'd eat it! I actually had a seller give me tons of goodies once...I bought a movie off him (a couple dollars off his BIN price) and he gave me popcorn, candy (soda caps and a snickers), and a sticker. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked!
  13. Would you let your kids eat them??? If the answer is NO, then don't eat them yourself.:smile:
  14. No way what happens if they are laced with some toxic substance?
    Maybe I'm being paranoid...
  15. lol are you serious? That is funny. I haven't had any extras except hand written notes saying thank you for the business.