Strange eBay experiences

  1. I am selling a few of my Coach bags on eBay and there is this one eBay member that keeps e-mailing me asking for one thing after another. Can you send a pic of that? Can you better describe this? He or she has been a member for 4 years and has 0 feedback. I have answered every question and sent pics of several bags but she never bid on anything. Today she asked for more pics on a bag and I told her I don't have time to take them. That the bag is authentic and if she has any question about that to please not bid. Anyone else have this problem?? This person is creeping me out. :confused1:
  2. Oh there are some weirdos on eBay right now. This could be a counterfeit seller with another id & she is just looking to get pics from you of an authentic bag!
  3. I never thought of that but it would make sense. She asked for some pretty specific pics. I'm glad I didn't send them.

  4. Block her emails and as a bidder.
  5. Yeah, block her. Sometimes bidders have no idea how annoying they can be. I take about 16 photos of my bag, measure it, etc. Then I bag it, tag it, box it and weigh it. I leave 1 flap open in case I have to add an invoice/customs info receipt.

    Every do often I get someone asking one question at a time, on an item. It can be a real pita! IE - when someone asks what the actual bag weighs! ARGGGHHH. I had to take a bag out of the box, unstuff it, take it out of the plastic bag, etc and try to weigh it or weigh all the other stuff!

    Once in a while the PITA ASQer does bid and follows through! Making it rewarding...
  6. I have seen your auctions, Beth, and you take many many pictures. What more does the buyer need if they have the front, back, sides, bottom, inside, creed, label, and tags of the handbag? I mean what else is there?
  7. If someone is creeping you out, go with your gut feeling & block them.

    Hopefully, they don't have your email address. (which they would unless you blocked it) I always use the eBay messaging system, and hide my address from people just asking questions.
  8. This is exactly what this person is doing. They want the photos.

    In the future, if you are not sure and want to send extra pics to pontential buyers.... watermark them with something like "if this pic is being listed by ebay seller other than XXXXXXXX it has been stolen, DO NOT BUY"
  9. How horrid, but you are in control and don't have to put up with nonsense if it makes you uncomfortable - block him or her and save yourself the hassle is sound advice.
  10. definitely watermark your photos, and if you can, you can use the code that won't allow people to save your photos. Somebody once posted it here in the ebay forum, perhaps you can search through and find it.

    Personally, if the buyer seems legitimate and has a good amount of feedback, I'm always happy to provide additional pics. For me, to purchase any bag on ebay, I need a close look at all the hardware to confirm authenticity, not just the front, back, bottom, creed, or tag.
  11. I got the similiar experiences. Beware, ppl characteric like that is non-serious ( !! ) and wanna collect pics, only!! Crazy :blah:

    If then she's no bid anything, skip all her emails, she just waste your time to answer all her emails & uploading pics. I don't know why they can do something like that. Didn't they've their life? :shrugs:

  12. Couldn't agree more. :yes:

    On the Authenticate This threads, members are always telling people to ask for more pics.

    You can hardly blame them when they do just that. :shrugs: