Strange discoloration of hardware on vintage ligne!?!

  1. This may sound weird, but does anyone with a vintage ligne tote (or any other size for that matter) have any bluish-tint discoloration on any of their grommets (tiny little circle metal hardware thingys with the cc on it) that are spaced down the front and back of the bag on the straps/handles? Most of mine are fine, but a few have this strange discoloration on them. Any thoughts?? Or what can de done about it?? :confused1: The chain that is woven into the handles is fine. I just got the bag the other day and it came that way (from NM).
  2. Mine doesn't. Yet.
    I'd get a new one if it bothers you:yes:
  3. I would get another one if I could, but it is a black one and supposedly nobody has any left. NM told me that I was really lucky to get this one, and Chanel didn't have any at all. At this point it doesn't bother me enough to return it (I really LOVE this bag!!), but was wondering if mine was the only one that had it. I keep getting all the weird bags! I just returned a grey ritz bag because it had some defective wrinkling on the flap, and before that a defective black reissue 227. I should learn my lesson by now, no more sight unseen bags shipped to me that are supposedly the "only one left in the country!". I guess they are the only ones left for a reason! Sorry for the rant, I just can't get a bag without it having issues.
    Anyway, thank you for your reply! :smile:
  4. They'll fix it for you for free if you don't mind being w/o if for a few weeks.
  5. Do I just bring it into NM and ask them to send it out to be fixed?
  6. Yeah, they'll make you fill out what is called a "COM Form" and they'll send it to Chicago, and then to France. It takes about 8-10 weeks to get it back after everything they do. It might not be worth it...i don't know if maybe they sent you a used/returned handbag...that'd be awful.
  7. I Just Received My Square Vintage Black Tote From The Palmbeach Garden Chanel..i Would Of Never Noticed Until You Pointed It Out..but Yes, Some Of My Grommetts Have A Darkened/irredescent Color To Husband Is An Engineer And He Said That Happens When You Heat A Metal Up..i Think In Order To Make The Grommets Appear A "gunmetal" Color, They Heat It.. I Was About To Call The Chanel Store When I Decided To Rub The Grommets With A Soft Cloth..and Almost All Of It Has Rubbed Is Almost Like It Was A Light Tarnish On The Metal...could Of Happened By Sitting In A Cold Warehouse Before Delivery...anyways, Try That First.... It Is A Gorgeous Bag, Huh???
  8. Thanks Kristine! And thanks to your husband too! I will have to try that tonight. I am so glad that you were able to fix it up. I absolutely love the bag, and was not thrilled about sending it out for several weeks.
    Thanks again and enjoy yours!! :yes:
  9. The grommets on the the top of the bag (all four) of mine have that same bluish tint. I thought it was odd, but since all of them had it....I started thinking maybe it was designed that way. Glad to know it is not just me and that you mentioned this! I will try the soft cloth and hope that helps.