Strange Day at Work...

Sep 14, 2007
I am in sales. Today I had my manager with me because I had invited her out to help with some client issues. We sat down to lunch and she started going over how she felt I still had opportunity left in my territory (potential places to sell to). I took it all well but then she started asking if I had been okay lately and if anything was "going on".
I was very happy when I first got this job and everyone knew it. I still am happy but I guess I don't advertise it all over the place and I'm more real with what's going on. Everyone wants you to be positive at all times and if you show the slightest ounce of being realistic you're "negative".
I like my job and am very happy to have it. I love who I work with and who I sell to. I do have a lot of things on my mind. I want to buy a house. I would love (really) to be doing something other than this...on my own. I have always wanted to own a boutique. Problem is so many are closing right now and it's a horrible time. I've tried other things and they haven't panned out. I know I won't be taking that kind of a plunge any time soon.
So I don't know. I'm just feeling so strange about if I'm showing up on some sort of radar and not in the best light. I have dreams for things I'd like to do someday but many people do. I was happy to be here because I chose them and there were other options out there. Now, there's no place else (besides for me) I'd rather work for and I as if they feel I'm luckier to have them than they are to have me. Strange? Does anyone else feel this way?
May 7, 2007
I felt like this all the time at my old job. Dont worry its normal. Just try to be positive at work, smile, and be happy you have a job.

You probably feel like you have so much potential and can do so much more. You can! Just give it time, save up for an overhead to eventually have your own boutique. Time is the cure, and don't forget to always be positive, and take action.
Sep 14, 2007
Thank you so much for these kind words of wisdom!! I really appreciate it. You're right. I had a strange situation at my last situation a few years ago with a new manager and I guess I feel like any time anyone says anything that sounds remotely negative I feel like they have strange thoughts about me (let's get rid of her! Oh she doesn't want to be here!). I am not where I need to be yet in terms of savings. I can afford the house (a decent down payment) but can't do the boutique so I'd have a house and no job if anything happened. Need to put my head down, smile, and work. Thanks for your post again.


Dec 5, 2006
I had this happen to me too. Our DM came in and asked me if anything was wrong followed by a "do you like your job." I totally took it personally. My DM is extremely personable, outgoing, outspoken, and peppy. I on the other hand am not peppy, and an overall introvert. Not everyone externalizes "happiness" the same. The day my DM asked me what was going on I was really having a great day, but clearly she didn't interpret my expression in the same way. Now when I go into work I try to make a concious effort to smile more :smile:


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Mar 7, 2007
Winchester, England
I've been in medical sales for about 10 years and know exactly what you are talking about. Sales conferences are the worst where, it seems, a person is measured by how "Ra ra rah!" they can be, rather than their actual sales success in terms of figures. Any questioning or challenging ideas is seen as "negative" and frowned upon.

So issues get swept under the carpet, instead of being brought out into the open and dealt with. Issues we all have with our customers, that could be discussed and worked through, are ignored in the wave of everyone trying to give the impression that "everything about this company and its products is just GREAT!!"

So helpful and productive :tdown: