strange christmas gifts???

  1. OK, I want something a little out of the ordinary.....

    A steam cleaning machine, not one of those dinky little ones

    I paid $600 last year to have my travertine tile and bathrooms sanitized, I figure for that amount I can buy the whole machine.

    What do you want???
  2. Other than David Yurman 5mm color classic bangles (anyone tired of me writing that yet? LOL!) I'd like some pepper spray, the 6 second abs machine, an ice cream or cotton candy maker (cancels out the ab machine right? LOL) and stand-up comedy DVDs/VHSs
  3. That is the coolest thing ever! I didn't know there was such a thing. I'd get it for my bathrooms. I can't stand the discoloration on the grout.
  4. When I worked at Macy*s, around Christmas time, there was a display of things like cotton candy makers. This popcorn popper

    was one of the products.

    I waited until after Christmas when it was on sale, used Macy*s gift cards I earned from opening store credit cards and bought it for myself.

    It's not in my apartment right now, because there's no room for it and I don't really eat popcorn anymore (well, popcorn that's not Smartfood, anyway), but I now have my own popcorn popper when I need it.
  5. A few years ago, all I had on my list were things for my cats. I got the Pet Water Fountain which has been a huge success, and the faux-sheepskin bean-bag chair-type sleeping thingy, which they have been ignoring ever since.
  6. I wanted a Dremel and got it, this year I have put in an order for a Roboraptor.
  7. The only thing I really want is a scanner to scan old pictures and a big comfy blanket to lay under when I watch TV. My brother called me today and asked if I cared if the scanner was new becuase they had an old one at work they were getting rid of. Honestly I don't care, and I told him so. I just want it to work.

    One year a long time ago when I lived with my parents my dad gave me a microwave for Christmas. I didn't ask for it either. I figured out the reason why he bought it for me was because he wanted us to have one but my mom was deathly afraid of microwaves. She had this weird fear that they could seriously harm you. So my dad decided if he bought me one she couldn't say anything about it.