Strange Childhood Crushes

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  1. I think I may have started a thread like this long ago but could not find it. Anyway, DH and I were reminiscing and I was remembering the weirdest crushes I had as a kid. Because my crushes weren't really "people"...

    number #1 was Scott Tracy from the Thunderbirds. C'mon, if he was real he'd be a catch.
    scott tracy.JPG

    number #2 was Drooper from the Banana Splits. He was a guitar player. I blame him for my attraction to musicians and inevitably marrying one.

    number #3 was Speed Racer. He was bad ass and had a sensitive side.

    When you stop laughing, tell us who your strange childhood crushes were!
  2. hahah!

    I had to think about it, but here's mine: Rick Hunter from the Robotech: Macross Saga anime series. I thought he was cool & exciting! (Did I mention I was around six years old at the time?) :P
  3. speed racer...for real!!
  4. Fred from Scooby Doo :lol:
  5. The Count from Sesame Street. I really, really wanted to be his best friend.

  6. I don't know if anyone remembers that REALLY old series called "EMERGENCY" but I was a really little kid (prob about 4 or 5) and was just obsessed with the one character/paramedic named "Johnny Gage", played by Randolph Mantooth. For some reason I liked the episodes where he got hurt bc I had some strange fantasy of "saving" him. When I was a bit older I watched the series on daytime reruns STILL obsessed with Johnny/Randolph. I think it was because he was brunette and I had a thing for brunette guys as opposed to blondes. Yeah, I also thought Ponch (Erik Estrada) was hot in CHiPs.

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  7. When I was 15 I saw The Fugitive and had the biggest crush on Tommy Lee Jones for a long time. What made it strange is that he was about 47 years old, the same age as my dad (at that time), so it was a bit creepy.
  8. Well, only strange in the sense that he'd been dead for a few years before I was even born, but I saw Tyrone Power in the film Marie Antoinette when I was about 8 or 9, and it was an instant crush.

  9. Omg I used to be MADLY in love with Jim Carrey. I think it started with Ace Ventura. Something about him just sent me over the edge when I was a kid. :P
  10. Thought of another one...Desi Arnaz :nuts:
  11. Does anyone remember Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond? He was my first and only cartoon crush.

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    I had a huge crush on Jack Wilde from HR Puffenstuff when I was a kid...I bought every Tiger Beat he was in!.....I have a strange crush as an adult as well.. I have a crush on a statue in Versailles....:love: paris2009 076.JPG
  13. I had the biggest crush on Corey Haim - during the years when he and Corey Feldman were doing License to Drive. When people recall it, I get laughed at now.
  14. Probably Heath Ledger for me.. But only in 10 Things I hate about you..
    Johnny Depp!
  15. Shopmagnet.. Great Pics.. I love Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger too