Strange Chanel dream...

  1. Last night I dreamt that I got a black GST w/ silver hardware (likely my next Chanel purchase... in '08)...

    Anyway - I was sooo excited I took it out one evening and as DH and I were walking along, in my dream, I looked down and IT WAS A PAPER CHANEL SHOPPING BAG!!!

    LOL - it was so weird! I got all embarassed like, "how could I not realize when it was so light??" It literally woke me up momentarily.

    I think I spend too much time here...:roflmfao:
  2. I know exactly what you mean. You get your next chanel bag purchase in your head and you can't stop thinking about it!
    I think I spend too much time here also:rolleyes:
  3. LOL!that's so cute =)
  4. I think time-off from the forum (esp after you purchased a bag) is necessary. I have chanel dreams 3 days after I got my white flap. And this drives my fiance crazy! "you just got one 2 days ago and you already want another one??"
  5. That was cute, gotta chukle out of that!! Thanks for sharing...
  6. I had to add my strange Chanel dream that I had last night...For some reason I took my HG 05 grey reissue with me on a boat ride around the lake. When we got back to the dock, I looked down and there were huge chunks of the lambskin missing? I was freaking out in my dream and was thinking that I have to send it to the Chanel Spa now. I woke up and rushed over to check my reissue. It's perfectly fine of course! Chanel is on my mind way too much! :smile:
  7. I hear ya. I once had a dream I was beating DH with a white caviar flap that I don't even own!! :wtf:
  8. ^ha. Sometimes I dream that I have bought something from Chanel and when I get home and open the box it's empty- I think I also spend too much time here!
  9. :lol:
  10. LOL this is too funny!!!! I think I've had a purse dream once too, but I forgot what it was about, or what brand of the purse was.
  11. And I forgot to add that when I woke up, my initial thought was "Oh the poor poor bag!!!" :roflmfao: